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During his visit to the Cave of the Patriarchs, Kalev was influenced by the settlers of Hebron and r

We went up and we inherited it

When the spies returned to explore the land, they described the land to the people. The spies gave logical reasons and said that although the land is good, the inhabitants of the land have a military priority, while Kalev only "refutes slogans", he does not present a sensible military plan, but only shouts "our land of Israel!".

Supposedly, during his visit to the Cave of the Patriarchs, Kalev was influenced by the settlers of Hebron and returned with a sticker that read, "Let us ascend and we will inherit it!" ... He presents no plan or alternative.

On closer inspection, Kalev words are understood.

The parable of a married man whose divorced boyfriend suggested that he also divorce his wife out of feasibility considerations. The friend told him "your wife does not work and she spends money, the children are already big and do not need her" and so on.

When the boyfriend saw that he could not convince his married friend to divorce, he suggested that he consider all the pros and cons himself.

If the same person does make a list of pros and cons, then actually making the list misses the whole meaning of love. Moreover, even if his conclusion is that the considerations for continuing to live with his wife outweigh the considerations, it is likely that she will no longer want to continue living with him.

Anyone who examines the viability of marriage for pros and cons does not know what love is and what the meaning of the marriage covenant is.

The same is true of the connection between the people of Israel and the Land of Israel. The Land of Israel is not an external thing, an external property to the nation, only as a means to an end. The Land of Israel is an autonomous division, connected with a life connection with the nation.

As a result of the expected difficulties, the spies discussed the question: whether it is worthwhile to enter the Land of Israel or not. Kalev did not agree to be dragged into the discussion around this question and therefore did not answer on logical grounds.

Kalev Ben Yfone stood up and declared: "We went upstairs and we inherited her, because we can have her!". The entry into the Land of Israel is an existing fact, which is not discussed. The discussion should be conducted only on the question of how to conquer the land? And not on the question of whether to conquer the land ?!

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

The remarks are made by Rabbi Ilan Kaufman


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