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Eli, in particular, I saw that he was enjoying, it had been three years since we had been in Hulata

To Shoshana and Nahum and the whole family,

For almost a week now I have been writing to you in my head all sorts of wordings of a thank you letter, unfortunately or to my joy we have not yet been freed (at least I am not!) From the atmosphere and enjoyment of freedom and it creates a contradictory reality - day to day, school, routine 'Etc.' seem to me like a dream, while freedom, the pool, the green, laziness - in short, seem to me like reality. When will I wake up?

And in the meantime I am very much enjoying! And just hope our enjoyment does not come at your expense and that we did not cause you too much hassle, noise, fatigue, house dismantling, etc.

The children have nothing to talk about who have rejoiced and are still rejoicing from the memories of your visit. Zvi, as is so typical of him, immediately the next day took out of the shoe drawer (and all sorts of other places) all the shoes that are in the house and for a whole day he and the little girls played all the games related to shoes, from making and assembling them, gluing the soles inside (they cut from Bristol) , Tying the laces, packing them in boxes ... until measuring and selling in a kind of small shoe store they set up in his room.

It was one day, and since then (except Saturday) he and the little ones have been hanging around in Eli's old shirts and spending all their time coloring! Gouache paints, finger paints and especially watercolors. And what an output! (I have nowhere else to hang).

Batsheva, of course, is too sophisticated for such "games" and she expresses things more in conversations with her friends, how she goes about living in the kibbutz - the idea of ​​equality attracts her and also the ideology that the kibbutz provides for all the needs of its members. Shani, on the other hand, told her that she was a little jealous of her and would like to do a babysitter to make money. The grass is always green.

Eli, in particular, I saw that he was enjoying, it had been three years since we had been in Hulata and he had meanwhile reached a point of maturity that he had not had before. This is ....... (there is no sequel).



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