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I've never seen such a beautiful place in my life, you get drunk on the perfume of flowers. Each wit

I used to be in some community in the United States right after Holocaust Day, it was spring and the place was crazy, in my life I have never seen such a beautiful place, everything is blooming, you get drunk from the perfume of flowers. Everyone is there with their mansion. A very rich place.

I demanded there on Shabbat and read to them in English things that I translated from the genius from Vilna where he describes the process of exile, that the honor of our home was taken and that the exile is exodus from the grave and the Gentiles and that exile is decay, uplift and worm, left in exile only bones. I described this stench in a very tangible way.

I told them: 'When you read these things, it's exactly these pictures from the Holocaust and the terrible torments and decay of life. That's what the description says, a little hard (to feel it) in the stunning beauty of Tinks New Jersey, but the genius from Vilna does not differentiate, it's the cemetery and it's the cemetery, it's a stench of corpses and it's a stench of corpses. This is what the genius from Vilna says: "To the poor of the dark exile."

It's so frustrating ... it's crazy ... no matter what you say, they then come and say straight force, it's so fun, I was inspired.

Get offended at least .. nothing ... nothing ...

"And we must announce to the whole world, to the poor of the dark exile, that the pipe of life full of light and sacred melody of the land of his covetousness has begun to open, the buds were seen in the land when the nightingale arrived and the sound of the turn was heard in our land, a pleasant land"

I read this for the expressions of affection (for the Land of Israel) of sweetness and pleasantness, an erupting affection.

"A pleasant country, she demands her sons, she spreads her arms to them with love, for all crimes she covers with love, expatriate boys return, remote boys to your mother's lap" (ibid.) Oh mother, do you have to explain mother?

Rabbi Eli Horovitz

"And when we said that a movement of repentance should be aroused on the basis of the Rabbi Kook in America, you immediately responded and traveled for a whole year every month, and certainly the action of the righteous will not return empty, and if not openly and secretly seeds were sown. "

Rabbi Zvi Tao

From the speech he delivered at the funeral


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