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Hope - they called me, a very, very unsympathetic person, he whispered my name and even called me

Letter to Eli in the reserve, Kiryat Moshe period Description that Dina recovered from breaking her leg.

Hello Eli!

Here I am in Hadassah, waiting in line to take a photo, and then waiting in line to get an answer, and then standing in line at the clinic to announce that I have arrived, and then waiting in line to see a doctor, and so on ... and this after I stood in line yesterday for Dr. Wiener and today In line for the HMO to commit, and without mentioning 2 queues that I waited for for normalization and integration .....

And what does that sound like to you? Do you want to get hooked? At least there (in reserve) you are wasting your time, but you are not waiting for anything, or at least so I hope!

What's new from this morning? I organized everything, hope it is to your liking, will you have time to listen to so many tapes? Too bad these reserves were not a month ago, when it was pleasant and not cold, it was perfect. Just sit all day and study and at night listen to lessons, no children, no wife, no pen, no teacher oak, no painting, no sealing, no bank, no city, no closet, etc.

Your "friend" called me before I could get it, it's very nice, but as you described, a little locked on the subject of food. He explained to me at length the life there - without money, without utensils, etc. and suggested that his wife's cousin, who probably travels to Jerusalem every day, that his wife and I arrange food for you.

I do not care at all, I'm actually organized for it, I just finished preparing food for Yossel (Joseph Schneider, Dina's relative whose entire family, including his wife and children perished in the Holocaust and he remained childless in Israel) and Bracha (Bracha Lebanon, probably later birth) - actually nice to cook for you There (not between here). so what to do? I thought meatballs, or meat and eggplant (I know what not - chicken!), Delicious soup and cooked vegetables. What else would you like?

Hop - they called me, a very very unsympathetic person, he whispered my name and also called me, as it is written, "Debra" (Dina's official name is "Debra Ruth") and I was in the middle of writing and planning meals - I have to run.

I already got the photo. And what a wonder !! I only waited 20 minutes to hand over the photo to the clinic and to be told to wait my turn. So here I am waiting in line again. Regarding food, we'll talk about it on the phone, okay?

I hope I have gathered everything you wanted, the pot is fur (or maybe dairy), so if you want to meat, to maybe disgust it (it is very clean and not newborn). And at the request of the "Chevruta" I sent a frying pan. I will also send a cake for Shabbat, if I have enough. (They will come through the house around 5:30 and depending on how much longer I will wait here).

The children wrote you letters. Zvi wrote another one, but I did not find it. And Shulamit also "wrote", but did not agree that I should send, so you will describe what "written" is.

I received a letter from the college, they are arranging a college alumni meeting for Sunday the 29th of Kislev at 10:00 in the morning. I was happy about such an initiative, it would be nice to see them today - it's been 10 years !! Miriam Ziv (Rosenberg), Eleazar's mother, organizes it (I think).

Even though I have a lot of time, this class, which I might be called in a moment, does not give peace of mind and it is difficult for me to write "heavier" things than these chatter.

To me, I will send once. Otherwise a more serious letter. What did Larry write? Maybe write to your parents? And maybe and maybe? I think I'm done for now.




post Scriptum. It's almost four in the afternoon and I'm home. Everything is fine, no need to go back, can go normal, but I must not run two months! Good riddance !!!!

N.B.B. If you think you are saving money because you are in the military, you are only wrong !!



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