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Zvi happy as usual. His teacher took a month off, I did not understand exactly why, and he is satisf

Dina's letter to Eli's parents who have been in America for a while for work. The letter was sent during the time they lived in Paji in Jerusalem

Hello everyone!

Good morning, now after ten in the morning and comfort has not yet risen! Although I was awake with her at 2:00 in the morning and also at 5:15, but I got up at 7:00 and she is still asleep ...

Everything here is just fine. It rains a lot a lot and it is very cold. We have the stove on most of the time, and I wanted to turn on the radio every hour to hear if the government had fallen or not....

Shoshana (Carmeli, the aunt of Eli Meholata) called on Friday and I understood from her words that she had just finished talking to you. And that she had just returned from the hospital after surgery. I was completely surprised because I knew nothing about it. The relationship was very very bad and I did not fully understand what she was operated on and why and if everything is fine, and I also felt that she would not tell me details, so please, explain to us that we were worried.

I just realized it was a fracture surgery and not directly related to everything that was a year ago. So stay tuned. We are checking if it will be possible one day to go up to visit her and return the next day, but for that Eli needs to find a substitute for the room (Talmud Torah Morasha) and I need to arrange my students (for piano) - a bit complicated.

So what else will I tell? The economic situation in the room is very, very serious and today there is an emergency meeting of all the parents to think together what will happen. There is talk that it may be necessary to close the room next year due to lack of money. Very very worrying.

The kids are cute and feel good. Batsheva is a bit hoarse, but other than that she feels fine, she still writes stories and they have already learned multiplication (but it is forbidden to say "plus, minus, double" - but "and more, less, times") new methods!

Zvi happy as usual. His teacher took a month off, I did not understand exactly why, so there is another teacher and he is satisfied. Every day Zvi plays with Joel (Starkowski) in the afternoon and they eat carrots all day.

My dear mother-in-law, she is developing day by day, already almost crawling, I have already seated her in a high chair and she is so pleased and looks at me as if she is saying "Father, finally, I have been waiting for this - sit and eat like everyone else!" At night she does not let me lie down Her in the stroller by our bed - she wants to be with everyone - she really feels the "bunch of kids"!

Aderet had a birthday on Saturday and they really enjoyed the bag.

So this is it - comfort is starting to make noise.


Eli and Dina and all of us




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