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I am educating you and learning from you at the same time

On the eve of Yom Kippur 5769

Dear Zvi,

Yesterday on the way home from Jerusalem we sanctified to Hebron the city of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - in the middle of the road, I stopped at Rachel's tomb. Just like in time we move from Rosh Hashanah - the day of the coronation of the king, to Yom Kippur, which is so holy and terrible and happy, and here I stop in the middle of the road - both in place and in time.

And even though I was so tired and even then I did not feel well, and I was also upset because of the car and money matters, etc., etc., etc., as soon as I entered this building (Rachel's tomb) everything rose from me, evaporated like smoke, and a sharp feeling crossed my heart. I do not know so much the words to describe it, perhaps joy and warmth, a feeling of a good father embracing, or a good mother comforting and loving.

Then, all of a sudden, I had a "back photograph" and as if I saw myself, I remembered and felt like it had just happened, in Rachel's grave. Again with the same feeling of joy, happiness and warmth in the heart and with something very heavy and round and raging in the stomach - you!

And I saw and remembered the famous story of how we came (to Rachel's tomb) and it was closed, and I cried and prayed outside, and suddenly the chimneys of the sky opened etc. etc. etc. etc. The same feelings I had then - hope and immense joy, and anticipation, and longing to know who it is in my womb, and immense love, and above all prayer.

A haughty prayer that my son who will be born will be connected in this place, not in the place itself, but in the essence of our mother Rachel and all that it symbolizes - kindness and kindness (she gave up Leah on her wedding day and did not shame her, as she could tell Jacob to deceive her, and she felt sorry for Leah not to be ashamed) And sorry), sticking to the goal, great love for the Torah of Israel, great love for Israel, endurance - she had a very difficult life, but the right to see the cows at the end of every commission - "There is a reward for your action, the speech of God and there is hope for your end and sons return to their borders!" .

And so I prayed that Rachel's measurements and the measurements of all the holy fathers would be right for my little son. And as you know, the rest of the story - the contractions started, etc., etc., and the same day (the next day) you were born.

And thank God, all the prayers were answered, and yesterday I felt it so much when I stood there again. And not only have all the prayers been answered and answered, but in such a special and indirect way that I am educating you and learning from you at the same time. And I will prove to you:

Chesed - Blessed be God, God has endowed you with a good and loving and sensitive heart and enough in the words of our neighbors above (and many more stories that are revealed and come back to me ...)

Adherence to the goal - with all the difficulties, you do not give up, and in your way and at your own pace regain strength and effort, with it in studies, help at home and in society.

Love for the Torah and love for the people - I feel you have - you are not superficial and frivolous, but respect our holy value.

Endurance - but you will see more big and beautiful fruits in Gd and already seen.

Unity - I feel that you love us and your sisters, and even though you sometimes whisper a quarrel, it is not a serious and long-lasting resentment.

I can not detail everything and not everything I said, but I wanted you to know that we very, very much appreciate you and know you, yourself as you are, and sometimes marvel at beautiful and brilliant qualities that are revealed in you.

I bless you, Zvikelah, that you will continue on your path and gather courage and strength to continue and know that all weaknesses and despair and weakness - their ability to evaporate and pass, and overcome with heroism that shimmers more and more in you, and that God will fulfill all your heart's desires for good.

From Dad and Mom who love you very very much!

post Scriptum. And if I did not always say that - and I know I did not always say that - I thank you very much for all the help you have given me, whether it is okay and clean (in your "promotions"), or in shopping and errands, or in helping with comfort and pay, or in your encouragement of me and your sensitivity. Sometimes he "felt" me.



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