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I have nothing Tora to say - but on the other hand, a melody plays in my heart

It has been about two weeks since the "beginning" and we have reached the holidays. God has done us a great favor by determining his holiday month shortly after the beginning of the school year - as "I have not yet read and I will answer" or "I created national service, I created the holidays as a spice (for medicine)."

And really, I have started writing this letter countless times since the beginning of September, the era that I usually start a new year in a studio, a new class, new faces. This year, it's not like that, I was left with an empty space ... and longing ...

And how are you ??? What sea of ​​experiences has already passed on each and every one of them - at each and every site? How I would like to hear each one, the excitement, the rush, the work, the confusion, the satisfaction, the frustration, the apartment, the other girls, and so on and so forth. (And here's the place to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who did call).

You'll probably die of fatigue - the very change from being a passive student who is already familiar to her, "used" to her, and being thrown into a completely different atmosphere - it's exhausting and exhausting. How good it is to be home for the holiday !!!

And in spite of everything, I really know that you will succeed in whatever you do (even if there are some changes and shifts in the beginning ...) and you will bring a great and illuminating blessing to every occupation of yours.

Smart words for the holiday? At the moment I have nothing Torah ready - but instead a melody is playing in my heart - so imagine that at this moment I take you all down to a music room (yes, yes, - all of you), turn on the system, put a disc of Shuli Natan, and we all sing out loud One, in one heart (you can hum along with me)

Please god

Please god

Make me a tool for your mission

Please god

Please god

Make me a tool for your mission

Where hatred nests

Let me sow love.

Where there is insult - sorry

Where there is darkness - light

Where sadness - joy

Lord of the World.

Please god...

Do not lust so much

To be comforted but comforted

Do not lust so much

To be understood but understood

Do not lust so much

To be loved but loved

Please god...

God give me the peace

Complete with that I can not change.

Please give me the courage

Change things I can.

And please give me the wisdom

Distinguish between these and these.

Please god...

Happy New Year, write and sign !!! love and miss you

post Scriptum. This letter was written before the attack in the United States (the twins) No words !! Please God lead your world in grace and what I have sinned soup in your many mercies and not by torments and evil spirits



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