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I love you very much. Everywhere I go I smile

From Letters to Eli While in America at the End of College Year

Dear Eli,

You are a poet. My poet. I love you and I am your wife for the future groping, contemplative, wordless. I'm yours. I'm sorry. I'm basically a deep emotional person - my emotions are sharp, dazzlingly deep flooding, sparkling, fireworks and real. However, I find that I do not know how to tell you - you are so good - I feel not worthy enough.

I love you very much. Everywhere I go I smile. I smiled a lot Saturday and also when I get your letters. (Sometimes I cry).

I play the piano a lot, all the time until nightfall. You need to hear me, I've been pretty good lately. Lots of emotions. Oh Eli, I totally feel you and feel wave after wave the feeling of love for you, I can not even continue, because I do not know how to make you know as I want you to know.

My dear Eli,

You are amazing. Do not know if I would define it that way, maybe wonderful, or fantastic or something like that. Oh well, what inventing imaginary words like me does now, is trying to tell you that in my eyes you are great and perfect and I love you.

I know you like to put together puzzles and I'm enclosing a jigsaw puzzle for you that is a drawing that I really like, since I was little. I have no words to describe what the painting does to me, but I give you my love. The puzzle represents the fact that there is no denying it, that we are both one oneness.

Think of me as you put the pieces together and remember the puzzle we put together

Happy Birthday!

I, Deborah Wolf, renew this and give Elantan Horowitz the gift of his 21st birthday on this day, August 31, 1972, which in the Hebrew calendar is, I think, 21 Elul 5732.

I love you

See you soon in our holy land, in Jerusalem the Holy City will be built and soon redeemed in our day Amen.



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