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I'm not looking for you, I'm used to your pictures in the hallway. From a distance I see wonderful t

Dear girls,

I do not like beads for some reason and it's probably because I discovered that light and funny things can be conveyed in beads, or poignant messages with a sugar coating, but now I just wanted to share with you in a "free" style and without restrictions. As befits the great freedom!

She had a full year of service full of experiences and work tirelessly. I find it hard to believe that only now, a year ago, you were quite scared of the fear of "This is about to start!"

how are you? How much I think of you !! (Even if I did not come to visit national service).

Sometimes I see with all my mind all of you, the whole class, and sometimes this or that face floats and comes to mind. It is not clear to me the connection between the appearance of the memory and the situation, sometimes it happens following a line from some song or someone's warm smile, a phrase ("What's basic!"), Or a crazy sunset behind the caravans. And sometimes just, I just want to remember, to sigh ...

And the truth is, I got used to my new class and I'm all inside them, as it should be. I am no longer looking for you between the walls of the studio and I have become accustomed to having your pictures in the hallway. And more than that: I have a vague feeling in my heart, similar to the feeling of a mother that she is sending her children to school for the first time, out there you are developing and growing, each in its own way and not as a group. Each and every one walks the path, giving, donating, receiving and crystallizing ...

Apparently I filled the void of longing with pride and confidence. From a distance I see wonderful things, not even the good rumors that reach my ears.

Let yourself be swept away by the current, checking everything, asking, wondering, exploring, experiencing - but with oars to steer the cruise within the honey-sweet halakhic fences. Open the sails in full force to the wind, but hold on well to the compass - the tenets of faith are the respondents of the soul!

Keep in touch !!! Of course you can call and visit at any time!

In longing and love,


Surely you all know that we had a grandson - a brother to the song Hoodia, named Yigal Menachem. Thank God.



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