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I was so stormy one Saturday and walked up from the house in Hebron, without prior notice to share

I was privileged to be a very close student to Teacher Dina, Teacher Dina was one of the significant figures in my life. In my teenage years as a teenager, I said that the only ones in the world who understand me in depth are my mother Yocheved Uriel and Rebbetzin Dina XIV.

I was able to call her at 11pm at night and she immediately understood my difficulty and gave me the most accurate advice for my soul. It was during the dating period, remember I called and teacher Dina asked me: Who did you fall in love with now? I was all stormy, excited, enthusiastic, and had a tendency to fall in love easily. Teacher Dina guided me to understand what true love is and what love is that is self-love, love that is all in the imagination ... and not related to reality.

Teacher Dina did not like to be praised in her face, and would literally run away from compliments I tried to shower on her because I admired her so much. Teacher Dina was a woman of redemption, full of holiness, unparalleled spirituality and modesty!

Teacher Dina taught us the introduction to the Song of Songs, in awe in exaltation while wearing this great garment in this world, in the daily life of the generation of redemption. Teacher Dina loved to teach us songs and then also sang with us. One of the songs she loved so much was the song "And No More Stalk" actually hears the sound of her voice as she sings the song with unparalleled excitement and depth.

I was privileged to be hosted at the Horowitz family home. I was so stormy that one Saturday I walked up from the house in Hebron, without prior notice, and came to share what was on my heart with Rebbetzin Dina, who believed in me so much, loved me, and knew how to say the right words to me.

Remember she shared with me the things between her and Rabbi Eli, how she loved to cook when she was alone in the kitchen, and less love that he would go in and out while the kitchen was all hers; And so she prepared me for marriage.

Teacher Dina understood me in an unusual way and knew how to love me and believe in me so deeply that even though she commented to me, I accepted with love, and I am one who finds it very difficult to hear criticism, because I am so critical of myself anyway.

How much I thank God that I was privileged to be the disciple of Rebbetzin Dina. She was my educator for two years at the studio and three years at Efrata College.

Remember she would sit for hours in the library writing and finishing her master’s degree. She always remembers her with big eyes, wide open, full of power, laughter, stormy, excited by every wonder of creation, excited by the privilege she had of immigrating to Israel. The day she immigrated to Israel was her second birthday.

Teacher Dina filled me with Torah love which is the doctrine of life and the love of life. How much longing, and how much thanks to God for having the privilege of being in the shadow of a world giant! A giant lioness! One of the women of redemption!

Teacher Dina would write us the certificates with patience and investment of whole nights, thinking and adjusting to the depth of our soul, while illuminating the soul and giving strength and power to fly to the sky! To this day I remember what she wrote to me in the certificate. To this day I get stronger from it and the words accompany me.

As Rabbi Eli would ask his son Zvi - where is Dad? And Zvi would point to all sorts of places in the body, and Rabbi Eli would teach him that the spirit that the father's soul, is much greater than the abilities of the body, and the abilities of the soul are limitless, that way I am sure that teacher Dina continues to influence me well, continues to love, continues to believe in me , Believes in my power in my strengths.But does not stop missing, I have not found and not the middle of the whole world a wonderful and unique rabbinical woman in her generation like Rebbetzin Dina! Thanks for winning! Misses


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