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I will answer you as a father who takes care of your well-being, it is recommended that you sever th

From things she carried at the Jubilee Party years of marriage to Eli's parents

Toby (Eli's sister) is an only child in the family, but in fact from an early age she adopted a sister. I went through some of my teenage years as a housewife in the family. When I immigrated to Israel, their house was my home. No one notices at first that not only do I have good company and adoptive parents at home, but I also have a suitor, a somewhat unconventional guy wondering or wrong.

As the relationship began to develop, I consulted with the guy's grandfather, whether to continue the relationship with this promiscuous guy. Grandpa then said: 'I will answer you as a rabbi - the relationship is complicated, but desirable. Keep going. ' But when things started to get a little more serious and we were planning a wedding, Grandpa said, "I'll answer you as a father who cares about your well-being - you have to think carefully if you get involved with this guy. He is unstable, he has periods and moods and you should break the connection. ' [Eli listens and responds with humor "Why didn't you listen to him at all ?!"]


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