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Remarks by Rabbi Eli Horowitz the at the home of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda at Batsheva's birth party

When we look closely at the development of science and philosophy and culture in general, the connection between it and the emergence of the divine idea in Israel becomes clear. We see clearly the exact relationship between the supreme sacred wisdom that operates and arranges all reality, and the external human wisdom that extends from it, until the appearance of the Pillar of the World, Abraham our father, the father of the nation.

Crisis the idols and calling on the name of God, all science is centered around pagan worship, the pinnacle of computer progress is in sorcery, spiritual scholars and sorcerers of all kinds.

With the great enterprise of Abraham begins a process of some purification from the abominations of the abomination of idolatry, the main manifestation of which is in the seed of Abraham in which God chose to tell his glory and gave them in the virtues of the coming prophecy uniting all life forces to discover in all its purity.

With the giving of the Torah and the long period of revelation of prophecy that followed, Israel reaches the peak of the appearance of the soul of the world in all its avenues and in the building of the Temple the light of future correction shines in which unity and harmony of every divided being will be revealed.

During this period we are witnessing the ascent of thought and thought throughout the world. The greats of philosophy and science in the East and the West, refine the world with their works that often rise above the animal immersion in privacy and reach broad and comprehensive perceptions.

The shit of our glorious house and the beginning of exile puts an end to this blossom, and in its place raises its cruel tyrant - the Christian Church. For a short period of time it is an absolute rule over every spiritual pursuit and brings to the forefront every honest soul that demands a greater truth than its distorted and destructive view. Even though some of the corrections she made in training humanity to think about the Messiah — her wicked boldness and adherence to basing life on a lie — suppressed any possibility of real progress, until even in general history, her reign is known as the "Days of Darkness."

In recent centuries, after the recent explosion of Israel's centers in exile "and our bones were scattered according to Saul" and the complete dispersion of our people among the Gentiles after the erasure of the last remnants of the enlightenment of the united and united nation, science began to pave a sharp path. Pork is the heavy burden of the church and declares an utterly parodic trend, that any attempt to see above the multitude that there is some cosmological universal unity is a "mostly infidel" unworthy of science.

Technology and the private professions, admittedly, are perfected at an astonishing rate, but any connection between science and social morality, between research and an organic conception of life, is nil.

The wonderful match between the discovery of science and the emergence of the divine ideal in Israel, reaches its peak of expression in recent generations - the revealed end period. In the years of grouping postcards - the postcards of the people and the postcards of opinions and thoughts and beliefs all. The signature generation. A generation in which the High Priest, the late Rabbi Maran, appears in his divine mission to find out the Holy of Holies that unites all sects and all parties, illuminating the point of view above all divisions of division.

In such a generation it is impossible not to release to what extent science from its oppressive and diminishing smallness, and indeed the great men of science have begun to rebel against the conception of their predecessors and declare that the objective reality is really not so objective. The self-essence of being is not, after all, so self-centered to it. From a broad opinion they stated that in fact the value of reality cannot be clarified without referring to the attainer, the observer and living in reality. A revolutionary revelation that shocks all the foundations of science and general thought, is no novelty to us, the disciples of Moses, who have already expressed this idea in the ancient sages in the Midrash "Gd" gathered every animal and fowl and passed them before them (the angels) and did not know their names. Pass them before a man - he said: It is fair for an ox to happen ... etc. (by B.M. P. Constitution T-C) ".

Our sages have revealed to us that the self-essence, the root of the soul, of every being is revealed in its attribution to man. A person calls names, even his name is, which is a higher virtue. And not only that, but the name of the divine manifestation in the generalities of being is interpreted only by man. And also the Torah, which is the name of the most abstract God, the purest and supreme ideal is said in the language of human beings.

A spark from the great and profound consciousness that appears in the Scriptures was revealed to the new scientists in their investigation who came to the conclusion that a perfect description of each find could not ignore time as a fourth dimension. It is not enough to define something in its length, breadth and height, but it is necessary to also indicate the relation of the thing to the one who attains it, and the connection and relation between man and being is to the world of time.


The wise appreciation for time is in fact ours, the property of the historical people, whose attainments and beliefs are inseparable from the divine commandment "Remember the days of eternity, between the years of generation and generation." The basis of watching the Redeemer of Israel, who benefits all and has mercy on all his deeds, is the general overview that encompasses all realistic multiplicity in all generations and all times.

Just as there are distinctions in the value of physical reality so there are distinctions in the value of time. Just as there is a central place where the holy divine reality appears, the 'drinking stone of the Holy of Holies' and from which reality gradually spreads to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, the Land of Israel and the rest of the world, so we see that while Shabbat Kodesh Sharia, Kavia and Kima is a main point. Existence spreads to weekdays.

More prominently is the dimension of time in relation to the reality of a year, which in the sacred language means to predict (and memorize), the year is an endless cycle, in the sacrament of the "language of truth" is explained that our obligation on Passover "to see ourselves as we came out of Egypt" is not A symbolic external commandment or gratitude for the past, but we must see ourselves redeemed because every year at this time we are truly redeemed from Egypt.

Every year when the earth is in a certain place in the system of wheels, then the special currents of divine abundance flow at that time, and the world is refined in the same special feature that appears in it. The act of exodus from Egypt is nothing but the execution of a special virtue hidden in the place - this time from the six days of Genesis.

And on Hanukkah, after the miracle of victory, the miracle of the oil can, Israel celebrated with great joy in praise and thanksgiving but did not set a holiday for generations because they did not know if their victory was a revelation of a special one-time divine grace, or if it was an inner essence. And for another year when they felt in their holy spirit the renewal of the exaltation of heroism, they realized that indeed time is capable of it and set the days of Chanukah for generations.


Sages teach us that the earth is divided into a place of settlement and a place of desolation. "All the land that the first man decreed to settle shall be settled..." This means that although in general the whole earth is full of His glory, there are places capable of the emergence of life in its greatness - in the flowering of culture and the perfection of social morality, alerts to the glory of God by his mighty enterprise.

And in contrast to these, there are places dominated by herd and lack and are capable of nothing but desert wilderness. It does not matter at all that a city is established in a place worthy of desolation or that Jerusalem is destroyed. The self-virtue of the place will eventually be subdued and the city will be destroyed and Jerusalem will be built.

No less then, we meet in the stair differences in the reality of time. In general, each year should bring to fruition a complete special revelation of the constant progress towards a world-fixation in the kingdom of demons. But the order of reality is that there are times that really illuminate with all the strength of their divine cause, and in contrast there are times of weakness and depletion in which only a vague melancholy is revealed.

Since the destruction of our glorious home, and we left our country and our national form disintegrated, the whole trend of the saint of God in the world has been delayed from appearing,

And life as a whole is poor and low and shaky and shaky - and during this period, the power of the two wears off and only in decades and centuries does being move forward a step that deserves to progress in one year. As an example of poor soil from which only in one hundred dunams it is possible to grow the amount of crop that exceeds one dunam of healthy and fertile soil.

Major years are in the death coma of separation - the dispersal of Israel and the abolition of their stature - their existence until the end.

Until that holy day in which we announced to everyone in the world that we had finally returned to our place. With God he returned to the land of God to rule and sit in it, to discover the hidden virtues of a land flowing with milk and honey, and to illuminate the whole world with the doctrine of the house of the Messiah.

On that great day in Iyar, when by virtue of our heroism we shook off the dust of our lowliness and renewed our youthful life with all resilience - on that day all the systems of heaven and earth were shaken and rose from a sandy bed and returned to full force. As the main purpose of creation appears in the beginning (in the beginning - for the Israelites who are called first), the whole size of the divine interest in dressing in the public image of Gd of the Israeli nation is revealed.

You are called man and the kingdom of God begins to shine in the world by the kingdom of Israel, it is impossible that the years will not be filled with the sublime divine fulfillments. We will no longer wait generations and ages until one existential movement is carried out. Gone are the days of darkness and slackness that put us to sleep and dumbfounded us.

From the day we ascended to the connection of life between our place, our existence and our stature - from that day began a new historical order in which each year constitutes an entire factory unit in which a special divine revelation takes place, an elucidated stage during the global answer.


From the inquiries into the values ​​of time, we can deduce the special significance of this year - after completing twenty-six years. Explained in various places in the words of Chazal the special interest of the twenty-sixth division. In a short and puzzling article, they state, "Twenty generations preceded through the land to the Torah." They do not mean that creatively created through the land before Torah, God forbid, for sages have already said "Torah preceded the world," etc., but rather, it means that the creation of the world until the appearance of the Torah in which twenty generations passed.

For anyone who understands the supreme value of the Torah as the order of the world and man, the inner soul of being, the life (?) Of life only from which there is a possibility of the appearance of life known to us - it is very difficult to understand what reality can be without enlightenment.

And yet, we see that in the divine order guiding the development and transcendence of the world, there is such a period of growth and establishment of the world body that it is desolate from any manifest manifestation of the divine light and that it is all a test of the tools to absorb that great light.

But after that historical point where the glory of Israel appears in the world, there is no longer any possibility of existence except from the supreme holiness that regulates human lifestyles.

An example of this is the development of the newborn in his mother's womb. His body grows stronger, his organs become stronger, his shape is perfected and all this while there is no soul of life in him, but a candle lit on his head. And indeed this candle (the candle of God, the soul of man) is what drives and encourages the continuation of creation, but its action in secret, not as a soul clothed in the body but distinct from it. And at the moment of birth soul and body connect and from then on the whole value of life is measured by the integrity of the enlightenment of the soul in the body and there is no possibility of life without it.

Thus in the world order in general, there is a special divine providence that gives life and creative power to the worldly being so that its organs will be formed and its form will be perfected until the status of the world is established in a measure that can absorb the voice of God descending from the heights of higher life and allow the world to live its earthly life openly. The trend of sanctifying God that underlies creation.

And this providence lasts for twenty generations. Twenty-six generations and no more. The building is perfect and then must show before the eyes of every mighty soul pushing and reviving all history and all worlds all. The same ancient leadership that operates temporarily from a place outside the world is being abolished, and the order of life is all being prepared from the Shechinah fillings established in the heart of the universe - in the stable and permanent eternal sanctuary, until the light of Messiah shines where he discovers how all economics and culture receive their vitality from Neshama. The covenant and the testimony sitting in the Holy of Holies, the place of the kiss of heaven and earth.


And in the renewal of creation and its ascension to the dimension of redemption by returning the crown of kingship to Israel - the same miraculous order reappears and disappears. Twenty-five years have passed since that day full of majesty of heroism that we stood on our feet again and roared like a lion roaring with independence and honor.

We then made it clear to everyone in the world that we are a people and that we have a land - a land that has belonged to us for generations - and that we control it and will control it until the end of time. Twenty-five years have passed since then. Twenty years of incredible military strengthening, economic empowerment and technological development unparalleled in any country. Our population has grown at a dizzying pace and our country has also expanded.

Twenty years of supreme national heroism and boundless devotion have passed. Years of prosperity and prosperity, success in all our deeds. We fought and returned from the battle adorned with a crown of victory, we sowed and returned from the field in baskets laden with all the good of the land, we built houses and sat in them. And all this growth of life without calling on the name of God who guides and arranges us. Without prayer and without recognition of where we are headed.

The Redeemer of Israel blessed us and established by us a complete system of royal instruments and we looked down and talked about poor softened concepts such as "safe haven." In the weakness of our minds we sought to be "a people of all nations," and he would be blessed in his goodness and grace to prepare the stage of the world for the appearance of a "kingdom of priests and a holy nation."

And all our efforts to deny the self of our soul, to disconnect ourselves from the source of our life and health have been to no avail. For twenty years the national body has been strengthened and established by forces far from the inner recognition of the value of their deeds and also without a perception of our Messianic value, without openly striving to fix a world in a demonic kingdom, we have wonderful divine providence, strengthening and saving, multiplying and enlarging And years. Twenty-six years and no more.

The vessel is ready and now we are required to fill it, to glorify all the settlement enterprises and institutions of the kingdom in the spirit of the living Gd and King of the world. The ancient providence ended, the special assistant Dashmia ruled that allowed the visible in a body empty of the enlightenment of the soul.

Only the courageous call to the name of God and the clear trend of the redemption of Israel, is able to breathe life into the various avenues of the nation and as we rise to illuminate the value of our hold on the land, in the light of divine holiness in it, so the settlement will be strengthened and rooted. The more we deepen our love for the land out of great and pure faith, the more we will be privileged to strike deep, lasting roots in it that all the spirits in the world cannot move.

The more we go out to fight our wars in the clear recognition that God's wars we are fighting, that all our heroism is drawn from the supreme heroism that bestows upon us the true strength before which all our enemies will fall - so the holy power of God's armies will be revealed. And the destiny of God, so equally will appear in the world the glory of God and his kingdom by the kingdom of Israel.

Even if we wrap ourselves in the mists of statistics, even if we blind our eyes to the darkness of rational considerations - we can not deny the tangible!

We are living in a year of collapse of all external frameworks: illusions have been spread, conventions have been refuted. The terrible lie of a "state like all nations" was revealed. Every place in our country, every plain in our society in which there is no enlightenment as a foundation for its existence, we find it in disintegration and decay.

The Israeli government, which has led us with honor and wisdom for twenty years without mentioning the name of God, appears today after twenty years, as a group of activists whose fierce corruption and disgusting cowardice are visible to all.

A rally of traitors whose great heroism is expressed in the enactment of laws prohibiting Jews from purchasing land in certain parts of the Land of Israel, and corresponding to the movement of Jews in their country. Laws that are easy to find parallels in the recent past in Russia, Germany, etc.

And in the vast avenues of the people, unaware and uninterested in the sublime and terrible value of the sacred connection between the virtuous people and the land of their life, we see the destructive indifference (history of the covetousness of the desert generation) that allowed that With God and his country.

And amid the darkness of laxity and despair that darkens our beautiful and nice eyes, the lines of light shining forth to reject all luxuries of the national apparatus and revive the nation in the life of the sanctity of the pure divine ideal.

Twenty-five years have passed. From now on, life will be organized and the success of the enterprise will be revealed as the degree of its visible absorption from the supreme soul that is at the center of all being, as the degree of belonging and adherence to the arbitrary trend of illuminating divine unity in all being. "And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one."


How pleasant are your deeds, O Lord, with all my heart and flesh, for the blessing of life that you have had on my house, in this awful and wonderful year. And how appropriate it would be to call her name in Israel Bat Sheva Keshet.

Keshet - after the first appearance of the new life full of courage and heroism and standing firm - from the Holy Mountain, from the yeshiva, from a tremendous and clear faith in the God of Israel. And Keshet is heralding a new era, an era of a great settlement movement that will rediscover the patriarchal covenant and the covenant of the land by the heroism of sanctity and the strength of its teachings.

And Batsheva - in the name of the general move that is becoming clear these days. Batsheva belongs to the period of the return of the crown to the seed of David. The temporary kingdom is in the process of disintegration and from its abolition the permanent kingdom in Israel will be renewed. The Kingdom of the House of David.

And even though it seems to us from our superficial look that there is no special seven-year-old to David, since some terrible complications she has to go through until their final engagement, sages have already made it clear to us in their inner view that "seven-year-old deserves David from the six days of Genesis." On the part of the work itself belongs to David, if if it is revealed only through wars and struggles.

May the mighty enlightenment of David's Holy Kingdom be revealed soon from which the world will be perfumed and exalted. And by doing so we will have the son of Batsheva the great builder who complements and seals the good ideal that stands at the beginning of the creation of heaven and earth. "And they made me a tabernacle and I dwelt in them"

Eli Horowitz



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