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It was surprising to find that the investment in Pagi wasn't such a bad investment, after all.

A year of Nechma birthday in Pagi

Hi today Wednesday, last week on Friday it was Lag B'Omer, Nehama's birthday, the girls prepared a birthday party for her, I thought it might be nice if I could record an introduction for you and then save the tape for the time they did her birthday party . They did a lot of rehearsals and my mistake was that I did not record the rehearsals and waited until the real thing, because it was a disaster. Adina and Batsheva got into a big fight (you can probably hear it) and Nehama was miserable all the time. And it was not a success at all. This is always the case with children. You plan something and then it does not work, but anyway she really liked it, but on the tape it sounds like a disaster area, but it was fine.

Anyway. Now a few days have passed and all the kids in the neighborhood are standing here staring at me because I am talking to myself out loud. I'm sitting on the porch, that's why everyone is looking at me. It's such a beautiful day that I do not feel like being inside. Comfort here with me, so she's making noise and trying to play with the tape, so you might hear her in the background. She's so cute. I just want to make sure you can hear me. Just a second. That's it, now my neighbors are looking at me and they've never seen a tape before. One of them tries to explain to the other what I am doing. Can you hear them in the background? They talk and guess what I'm doing. Do you hear them?

Friday night we went to Eli's parents and in honor of Nehama's birthday, I made this cake that you will see in the pictures. You probably do not know what it is, it was the idea of ​​Batsheva, I made a cake and then I cut it into a flame shape of a fire and used my food coloring, I made a icing and colored it, it looks really nice. And the flame itself, I made a yellow and pink and orange coating, but Batsheva said I must in the middle of blue, because in all the fires there is in the middle, she noticed the fires, they have in the middle of blue. To the bottom, which are the logs, so I put a white coating and then I took a bar of chocolate and with a carrot peeler I peeled the chocolate, so it went into those vortices that looked round and they went into logs. This is a really beautiful cake. It really was a work of art. That's really nice.

Grandpa Manny's health condition

I received the letter you sent me after Dad passed ..., you thought he would have to undergo various tests and maybe have surgery. So it was quite a shock. Because I looked at the date you wrote the letter and that was before you spoke to me on May 3rd, and you did not mention anything on the phone, and I understand why, especially since everything at the end, thank God, ended fine, but it was a shock to hear about it. So after so much time has passed, I received the letter yesterday. It took a month for the letter to get here and that day I also received the letter you asked me to sign the signature card.

In a sense it's good that I did not send back my letters with Sonia and Howard in the end, I thought they would come here to say goodbye, but they did not, and I had no way to get to them and they left on Sunday at five in the morning. So it's good that I have not sent yet, because in the meantime we will sign the signature cards and also Yesul will take me one day to arrange the Social Security Number of Comfort, so I can send all the letters together.

Anyway. I was very scared to hear about you Dad, but I'm very glad everything was fine in the end. I do not know if you explained everything or not, you said you would write more details later when you finished talking to the doctors, but all I understood was that they thought Dad would need open heart surgery and now they have decided he does not need it. So that's what I understood and it makes me very happy. And I also read that you said that Dad's feeling is good now, the way he felt when he left the Navy and that his weight was going down and that he was riding his bike and that he was walking without a cane. So all these things make me very happy, but it's quite a shock, especially the way you wrote the letter in the form of a diary. Anyway, all is well if it's over.

Nehama's walker

Let me see what else there was to tell you. I'm also in the middle of writing a letter you will receive along with the tape, I will send everything together. Nehama is on her treadmill now, she loves it, she goes with it and I keep pushing her away and she keeps coming back. You can not hear it, you can just imagine it. No no no she's going downstairs. One of the wheels is not going well. So the treadmill keeps going like in a circle around one of the wheels and she is not careful enough, you have to understand that she can easily go down the stairs. Here in the background, she walks all over the porch.

Yasol Health's Health and Aging Problems

Let me see. I should have listened to your tape and the notes I made. Yesul arrived a few days after I received your tape and he listened to your tape and he wanted to know what was wrong with him, what was the matter with him. Is this something serious? Must he be under the supervision of a doctor? I do not think he is under the supervision of a doctor regarding his heart, it's just all right. This means that occasionally he needs to take nitroglycerin pills, but he has another problem, he said it does not flatten, but it is something with the urine. I do not know exactly what. He needs to do a blood test and a urine test. This is something I do not know. He does not like to talk about it and I can not get it out of him, but he does not look like it's something serious, it's just a medical problem he has, maybe he needs surgery they said, but it does not sound like one of those things that when you grow up, I guess That it happens. I do not know. But he has been very depressed lately because many of his friends have died. Many of them at once, here comes a deer. "You want to say hello to Mami and Grandpa." Hey.

['Maybe if you have a dome, it's better for you. ... not now, later when I'm done making the tape ']. Deer is now painting a picture. He's really good at coloring and he paints without leaving the line, he and Batsheva are doing really nice things. Maybe, if they came out pretty good, I'll send them too.

Anyway. So as for Isul, he was very depressed for a few weeks. One day he came, it was last Wednesday, Isul came and we went to an extended Sanhedria, in front of where Toby lived, building a nursing home there, so we went down there and went inside. It's not ready yet, but we could go through a bit until the guard grabbed us and told us to leave. Yesul was interested in finding out more about it, but he said that maybe even better than that, he starts to think that maybe if he has someone ... Galili told him, why go home all day? Why not hire someone who comes to your house twice a week to clean and cook for you ?, because Isol said he has no more patience to clean and cook, especially to cook. So I said, I'll cook for him, but he did not give me. He's just tired of washing and all that stuff, he's too old, he's too tired, he's lazy about it, so now we're a bit looking to see at least for now, until he does find a place, can he find someone who can cook and clean for him. So I'm also helping him do that.

I think maybe my neighbor here can cook for him, Isul will have to pick up the Food twice a week, it will be hard to find someone who will be willing to travel all the way to him. My neighbor is a woman who has children and this is a way for her to add income, I guess. Anyway, Yesul is fine, I talked to him one day earlier this week, I guess it was yesterday, he sounded great and said he feels much better. He sounds really good. You know how it is with him - moods up and down.

What else did you say in your letter, in your tape? You talked about a lot of things. Anyway, the kids are fine. I took Nehama last week to the HMO and she got a shot. ['What do you want a doll for? Add. Do you want to get up? '] I think she's a little tired of the treadmill. ['With the hand, the ears, comfort. Say hello "]. Of course she's not saying anything now. Do you hear her breathing? '

The sale of the house in Pagi and a nice apartment in Kiryat Moshe

I told you we're looking to buy an apartment, so we put our apartment up for sale. We published it in the newspapers because we wanted to see about how much we could get for it. And the best way is to see what people are offering. That way we will know how much we can get for this apartment. Then we will know in what price range we can look to buy. So we put this apartment up for sale and it's a nice time of year to do it. As you know, it's spring now and the flowers are blooming and there are some beautiful flower trees here and everything looks more beautiful in summer than in winter. And we fixed the other room and painted it and painted the bathroom, because it was a bit ... we had a professional military who did it, so it did not look like it was peeling and the wall was going straight, so we published it in the newspaper and got a lot of comments.

One thing we did discover, which was to my surprise and also to my delight. I always thought we made a bad investment in this apartment. We loved the apartment when we bought it and there are many things I love it even now, like the fact that it has a backyard and has a lot of balcony and I love that it is on the ground floor, and it is a very very convenient area, with two containers here and fruit shop and meat shop and cluster level Public Transport. There are a lot of very nice things in this apartment, the rooms are nice and big, but I always thought we could buy when we bought this apartment in Paji, we could buy a new apartment that the Jewish Agency gave then in an extended Sanhedria. It was a small two bedroom apartment and we did not take it, because Eli and I, we both have our uniqueness, I guess you call it, we did not want to be with all Americans, we wanted to feel that we are part of the country, that we live with Israelis and did not like extended Sanhedria, It seemed to us very ugly as a kind of housing without trees and only build tall buildings, one looked into the other and everything was new.

We decided we did not like it there, and I always thought it was a mistake in terms of investment, because probably these apartments in the extended Sanhedria are now worth so much more than that, and what I have just discovered is that it is not true. There are currently a lot of people selling in the expanded Sanhedria, so the apartments may not cost much. There are a lot of people who sell and not so many people who want to buy. And this little apartment we could buy with three rooms, is worth the same price today and maybe even a little less, or about the same. Whoever buys here in Paji, buys because they are Paji, they want such a neighborhood, and whoever wants this neighborhood - wants it very much. For people who want it, this is a good neighborhood. That's what I think. We have not sold yet, but ... here is Batsheva: ["Do you want to say hello to Mimi and Grandpa?"]

Batsheva: "Mother, do you know the names of streets other than Ramat Eshkol and Kiryat Moshe and Bar Ilan, is this a street?" Mother: "I know many streets." Batsheva wants to know if I know street names' Do you want me to tell you street names? Rabbi Frank Street is where Grandma lives, Rabbi Kook Street has such a street, Jaffa Street is the main street in the city, Ben Yehuda Street is where Hamashbir, King George Street - George was King of England, Summit Street is home and garden, I lived there . Do you want more? "Zvi:" Ramat Gan "Mother:" There is Ramat Gan, is that enough? Why do you need it? "Batsheva:" For homework "Mother:" For homework? "Batsheva" Yes "Mother:" From me and Grandpa you hear everything you say. Deer, you want to sing "Old McDonald's" with me. "Aya Aya or..." "Come closer. ["It's for comfort, not for you"]. Zvi: "I'm hungry" Mother: "Then take a peach from the fridge" Batsheva: "What did you say? Rabbi Street ... which rabbi? "Mother:" There is Rabbi Frank Street, where Grandma lives. Rabbi Frank Street. '

Anyway. So it was surprising that investing in an apartment in Faggy was not such a bad investment after all, so far there have been three people interested. They started haggling. Now there is one or two. They are not interested in buying, they are interested in bargaining with us, but as I said, we are not in a hurry and we can .. we just wanted to advertise once to see. Do not sell an apartment after advertising it only once, usually. We'll have to bring it up again and again. Once we find someone to buy, the hardest part will come, which is finding an apartment worth moving to, and not making a mistake, finding an apartment that will contain everything I want. Eli says I can not wait until my dream home arrives. When you decide to go shopping, you have to choose from what is available, so it is very difficult.

The reason I think about it today is because I just came back from looking at an apartment in a perfect location, exactly where we would love to live. Except she's on the sixth floor. There is an elevator, but I went up today without the elevator because I wanted to see what it would be like on Saturdays. 104 stairs, so it's pretty high and it's a sixth floor, but it's a very nice apartment. I will say the bad things first and then the good things. The bad things are: it's so high - six stories. I was quite pampered. I want a ground floor apartment. True, there are benefits to the upstairs apartment, because you have lights and you have a view, but I do not know, it makes me shiver, I just can not imagine the kids, I do not know, it scares me, I'm scared of the top floor. I really. I can not send the children down, I will not let them get off the elevator, they can not get down, mIt's not designed for kids, just think they need to go down a hundred steps before they can get out. I do not know. That's one bad thing.

Another bad thing is that it must be frozen there in the winter, because it is completely open, there is no one above and no one on the side. So it looks like it's going to be a very cold apartment. And I like it to be warm in the winter, I do not like the cold at all. I'm spoiled in this way. And the directions of the apartment are east and west, so in the morning the sun comes in and in the afternoon the sun comes in, so it's not good. The best direction is to be south, as our apartment in Paji faces south, we do not have that much sunlight because of the building opposite, but upstairs there is, and if you already live upstairs, at least you have to face south.

The advantages of this apartment is that it has three bedrooms. Living room and two bedrooms, and they turned the two bedrooms into three. It was two bedrooms and outside one of the bedrooms was a balcony. So they closed the porch, they built a wall in the porch and then they re-divided the wall so that through the porch they turned it from two rooms into three. Do you understand what I mean? The only problem is that the middle room, (it's not that they're small rooms, they're fine), but the middle room has no window because it's a sandwich between two other rooms. It is adjacent to another apartment on the other side. So he has no window if you know what I mean. So that's a downside, I just could not stand even being there. It was so claustrophobic.

I do not know what to do with these children, I buy two kilos of peaches every day and they eat it and they eat all the peaches as if they were the peaches ... Batsheva told me they did not eat all the peaches, they left two. I bought two pounds, yesterday. Eli says that it is better for them to eat fruit than .. he does not like to limit them with fruit and thinks they should eat as much as they want, the problem is that deer do not eat anything but fruit, it is the only thing he eats, like yesterday, he really ate a lot.

Anyway, this is where we stand now. We did not sell our apartment and did not buy and I am not sure what should we do first, sell first or buy first? Because some people say you have to buy first, because if you sell and you do not buy yet, the money loses its value and you have to .. You can not just sell and promise people that you will leave, before you know where .. so it blocks us. Need to buy quickly. Other people tell us not to buy first but to sell first. First sell and then buy. I forgot why, uh, because if you buy first, then you need to sell your apartment right away. So to make the payments, because here in Israel, you have to pay everything at work or more or less on time. So how do you sell first? And if you buy first and then sell, then you have just like a week in between ... you have to quickly sell your apartment to make the first payment, so I do not know who is right. This is a complicated business.

Another disadvantage of this apartment, that there are no balconies because they closed them and enlarged the apartment. This made a larger kitchen and the bedroom and living room very large. It was one good thing that it's even bigger than our room here, there will be plenty of room for piano and all of Eli's books. You know, it was a nice sized living room, but there are no balconies in the apartment, but since it's upstairs, there's the roof. You're not supposed to go up to the roof, it's like a penthouse, they say the neighbors do not care, they use the roof, she hangs her laundry on the roof and Eli said we can make a garden on the roof. We could put a lot of plants on the roof, but .. and the roof of course has a railing around, but it made me shiver. I could not even stay there. It's simple .. I do not know, I guess I have a fear of heights. I do not know.

And the other advantage of the apartment is that they sell it very little, Eli is a bit suspicious of the price, because the same apartment here usually costs another 15 to 20,000 dollars, so what they are asking for is a bargain, but Eli says there is no reality in the apartments and if they ask so little, probably That something is wrong. Maybe frozen there. Eli thinks it's probably frozen there in the winter. I do not know. The location is good and the size is good and the price is good, but the directions are not, and the height is not, the floor is not good and this small room is there without any windows is not good.

I do not know what to tell you. Besides, we're all fine. I think I told you that Nehama got a shot last week. Mother: 'Do not sit on a deer walker, get down. not me. does not allow. No cucumbers, I need to buy in the store soon. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

What else should be added? I can not think of any more things you asked me. You told me all about your Passover with Stanley and his new girlfriend. I forgot if her name is Julie or Julie. I do not know. Anyway, it's pretty nice, it sounds nice that you came to their apartment, it sounds like you had a nice order there.

Seder night at the Horovitz

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Pesach, I was just very busy before Pesach cleaning for Pesach, but everything went smoothly this year. Last year I was in my ninth month of pregnancy and it was pretty hard. And the year before we were in America, and before we left I had very little time to clean, but this year things went very nicely. I worked hard and Eli, Eli did not help me much. I let him do what he wanted. He's been helping me a little for the last two days. For Seder night we were with my in-laws it was fine, they did it for the kids, it was a small order ...

[I have to show the deer how to peel the carrot 'You have to be very careful and put it here. And you put the shells in the sink. are good? Not with that. Wait, from here, from the middle, you see? It comes out of there. Be careful. Yes, that's right. Do not put it on your finger. Do not put on the floor. I'll show you again. No not like that. With the middle part. Here you see it going in the middle. Do it in the kitchen on the sink. 'Zvi kills himself by peeling carrots.]

Seder night was organized for children, Toby's family was not there. It was just us, Eli and my kids and my in-laws and their kid, so I thought that was nice. Although we got used to a larger order, for the kids it was great.

Zvi was on a day trip with his class because it's almost Jerusalem Day and he's telling me the whole thing Sea he saw. Instead of saying that it is a landmark that he saw as the Old City, he saw the Hamashbir, which for him is a landmark, where he said he saw the place where there is a car that puts money and can be driven. That's how he remembers Hamashbir.

Anyway, this tape is coming to an end and when you turn to the other side, I will let you listen to Nehama's birthday party, which was a disaster. Then I'm going to finish. So listen to her birthday party a bit and then keep going until the end and I'll talk more.

Sorry this tape is not the biggest, but I told you all about Independence Day in the letter and on Pesach, I think I also told you in the letter, and I do not really have anything special to say, so that's why I'll let you listen to any of Nehama's birthday party, even though there are times That comfort does not sound so happy and I had a house full of children.

My friend Tzila Rosenberg, this is an interesting story, she just sold her apartment because they are moving to a new place called Efrat, it will be near Bethlehem, and they were just really lucky, they sold it to someone from America who was in the apartment just three minutes and decided they love the This.

Second party - (5 days earlier)

Today is Friday Lag B'Omer, Nehama's birthday and it's just going to be an introduction and then I'm going to play the tape. Batsheva, Adina, Aderet and Zvi planned Nehama's birthday, so they are getting ready now and Eli is going to take pictures and I will continue to record, so you will be connected almost like in real life. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, so things are pretty hectic, but I do not know where they're gone. I think they're looking for flowers to make her a crown. She must wear a crown, because it's her birthday. And maybe in the background, you can hear Nehama playing and you can hear Zvi and Joel (Starkowski) playing on the bike. Batsheva and Zvi are partners in bicycles now, but Zvi cannot ride them without auxiliary wheels. ["Move, get out of the way"], but Batsheva can do it without auxiliary wheels, so sometimes I have to lower them and sometimes return them for a deer.

I do not know how long the birthday party will last, but while it remains at the end, I will try to talk. Eli's uncles, Sonia and Howard, are leaving, I think, on Sunday morning, so I'll send with them two elephants of pictures and two elephants of a movie and a letter I'm already writing from Passover. I'll send them all together. So, okay, I'll turn it off and we'll do everything. Then I'll turn it on again for the birthday. I want to remind you to look at the birthday photos, pay attention to Shabbat Sheva and Nechama wearing matching dresses I made. I told you I was going to prepare. I'll tell you the story of the dresses later, okay. ... so now you heard the birthday party, but it was not so great. While one can hear the kids playing and maybe one can know that they have planned something really good. Nehama was not as miserable as she sounded, she actually quite enjoyed all the attention.

The sale of the company's apartment by Tzila Rosenberg, who is moving to Efrat

Anyway. I told you that my girlfriend, Tzila Rosenberg, you know who she is, is Bloom's daughter who lives there in Florida, whom you met when you were here. Their daughter lives here in Ramat Eshkol and has a daughter who attends school with Batsheva. They go to the school next to us together. She has five children and she is expecting her Friday in the summer and her parents are coming, they are coming in mid-June. You probably will not receive the tape until then, but if you do, you can send with them a tape or pictures or something, because they will arrive from Florida in mid-June. The only thing I need, that I wish someone would send me, but it does not really matter, some pairs of underwear for a deer, because .. I feel a little sorry for him, I feel sorry for a deer because he always wears floral underwear. That's the only thing I would like, I could think of that I need from there. If you remember, if by chance, you can send them with Bloom.

[Deer will be a little quieter so I can do the tape. Ah, seven years old, be careful. Batsheva took Nehama off the balcony, they are cute]

So Tzila Rosenberg, they bought an apartment in Efrat. It's going to be close to Bethlehem and it will only be ready in a year, but they had to sell their apartment already to pay the payments on this house. So they sold it. They got the best deal because ... [oh yo yo yo yo comfort is not looking where she's going].

Anyway, I tried to tell you, they got this good deal, because there was an apartment broker who took some American couple to see 10 different apartments and he showed their apartment among other things and they did not like it most, Tzila's apartment was the second choice, but the second apartment That was the first choice fell, so they became first choice and here it was not through the broker, he was disappointed as a broker that he loses the broker, they paid the price that Bloom more or less asked and it never happens.

You know, when you say price, it means you're going to drop it. You need to give yourself freedom of action. Then not only that, but he is not willing to come as a new immigrant for a while so they are willing to make payments for the same amount and at the same time that they have. Pay payments and they will allow them to stay in the apartment this way. Tzila thought they would have to sell immediately and move somewhere else and pay rent (until their house was ready) and they would not have to pay rent. So it just works out for them. fantastic. I wish the same for me.

This person who buys from them is from Fort Lauderdale. Tzila said she called her parents to go find out who he was, to make sure he was not a cheater and that he was not ... that this address exists, that he does not invent things, but anyway, that's the news. So they'm glad they're done with it, she's been expecting it for a month or two. And her parents are coming in three weeks. Then everything will be taken care of at least until then. That's really great. I'm really happy for them. So they come. Anyway, they got an apartment nearby, right in front of them here at the cluster level as well.

Batsheva and Zvi have now taken Nehama to the back of the house, they put her on this path and she is on the street and she is running around. It's really lovely.

Aunt Gloria's visit

Let me see, what else can I tell you? Aunt Gloria (Mami's sister) arrives. So today is the end of Maי. So she'll be here in two weeks. This is true. Two more weeks will pass. So Arlene was here last week, but she was not at our house. She was on some program where they had a week of trips and lectures and it was too far from here, so she just stayed there so she could go through the classes on time and everything. She enjoyed. But we're talking about Aunt Gloria's trip, when they first get here, Arlene will meet them at the airport and pick them up. They will stay with her for three or four days to talk or see a signal. Then they will rent a car and they will travel around the Galilee, the Golan and Acre. It makes sense that they would visit Rosh Hashanah, the Golan Heights, the Galilee, Safed and then they would come to Jerusalem for a week and they would stay here and then we would take them around.

Last week Arlene said she would let them decide what they want, where they want to hike, maybe they want to travel south and maybe they just want to relax and maybe they want to go back to Acre, whatever. So it's going to happen soon and it's exciting. This will give you what to expect.

Let me see what else, what else I can tell. Toby okay, she had a very nice trip. It was hard to go back. I know the feeling that after the vacation, it's hard to go home and then have to go back to cooking and cleaning and missing everyone and everything, but it was a very good thing for her, even though she has not come out of it yet. She is still very depressed. And I guess she will be like that until she gets pregnant again. And until everything works out, because now she has the fear. She has a fear that she will not get pregnant so quickly because for a long time she did everything just to see. And also that once she does that, the same thing will happen again, that her pregnancy will not be good or anything like that. So she's pretty depressed right now. And I just said that everything works out fast.

The distance of American Jews from Israel

Eli's father returned from America, it was about two weeks before Passover. I did not tell you that then, because he was still in America and until he went to America, then he has all kinds of stories about how he taught in the various schools there. He went to all kinds of different schools and taught the subject of Israel. Ten years ago it was very common in the curriculum that Jewish schools would also talk about Israel, unless they were anti-Zionists, I talk about schools like the "Hebrew Academic", but now they just forgot about it, it's like they are used to it , Or they just forgot about it. He was there to awaken them to the idea of ​​Israel.

Some people are looking at me now, they pass by me and stare at me, I do not know what is so interesting to look at. Well now they're gone. You can hear Batsheva and Zvi playing in the background. How can I get it from the sixth floor where they can go out? I just broke down. I do not know. I do not know.

The company Deborah Recanati is postpartum with hepatitis

My friend, Deborah Recanati, I think I told in the letter, she was our neighbor in Mevaseret, she had just had a baby in good circumstances. She got a liver infection in the ninth month and she was forced to be in the hospital in complete isolation. She was completely isolated. To go visit her, you had to wear a hospital gown and everything, and while she was in the hospital she started contractions and she gave birth and right after she gave birth, they took the baby and put him in complete isolation from other babies. And she was in complete isolation from the baby. In other words, they did not even let her breastfeed the baby. They did not even let her see the baby.

In the end everything was fine in the end, but it's pretty hard in my opinion to give birth and then not be able to see your baby for about, I think about a week and a half. After leaving the hospital she went to her mother and parents in Tel Aviv and she has been there since she had to recover. She was so weak from hepatitis and then also because of the birth, so she was there for a while. Now it all happened about three weeks ago. So now I heard she's coming back. She lives in Elon Moreh, it will return to Samaria. We are going there for Shabbat, not for Deborah and Avraham, we are there with another family, but we were supposed to go there immediately after Independence Day, but it did not work out, so we want to go there for Shabbat.

The neighbor's falafel shop, parent training class and Hungarian cube

What else can I tell you? There's a lady here, one of my neighbors who opened a falafel shop really close, if you remember where the vegetable shop is, she's even closer than that. So I really adore her. She has two children and she got the recipe how to make falafel, she has a lot of chickpeas and she makes them herself and sells her and she makes a lot of money. She sells half a serving for £ 30. It must cost maybe 10 pounds to prepare. She lives here, so she's going back and forth, she's just coming back now. It's good for people like me who sometimes get too lazy to make lunch and just buy falafel. It is not good for diets and things like that.

Tonight, Wednesday, so I'm going to parenting how to be a good mom, the course I started taking when you were here. I find it very interesting and reassuring to hear that other people also have problems and also to get good ideas on how to solve certain problems. I like it a lot.

I'm playing here with it, I'm sure you heard about it, it's called Rubikiov or something. This is a cube that has all the different colors and you can make it in any way. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The idea is to make each side have one complete color. Toby brought it to us when she was in America, it's a gift she bought and it's a terrible waste of time. And it's very difficult. I can get one side, maybe two sides, but the idea is to get six sides, so I really do not know how that is possible. If you have one of these things? Maybe Dad in your spare time. You know, here in Israel, there is someone who understood how to do it. They said they would sell the ... it costs £ 600 to buy, which is like $ 6 and there is someone selling the £ 400 solution for an extra $ 4. So for $ 10 you can get one and also the solution, but it's such a waste of time. Sometimes I just find myself, like now I'm holding a hand and just kept going with it, but I can not get it. So I can not figure out how, once you get One side then noticing another side becomes a mess. So I do not know.

Let me see what else I have to tell you. I would like to know more about Brian, about his trip to Germany. It seems like I've been asking him for about a year and a half. When is he going? [What does comfort have in the mouth? Get it out of her mouth, fast, it's dangerous for her, wait a minute I'll do it "] So I want to know what's up with Brian. Stanley, when he called it was in March, he said that by April 15th he was moving apartment and then May 15th. And now you've written the letter that he's coming to Florida on June 15th. So I do not know if that means he's coming to Florida, June 15th and from there they're leaving for Germany or they'd give up Germany or what? So I want to know.

About Batsheva, Zvi and Nehama

I do not know what else to say [Zvi is waiting for his mother in English] Zvi also does not know what else to say. I got a nice letter from Uncle Teddy too. Once we write to each other, he did not say much.

In honor of Jerusalem Day which will be on Monday, Zvi was with all the Hyder on a trip to East Talpiot, there is a beautiful view of the Old City from there. Now Batsheva wants to say hello ... 'Is that all you're going to say? Pay for Mami and Grandpa? 'Ha, Nehama knocks on every wall in the house and she wants to knock him down. She's such a happy girl today, she made me a hard night yesterday, she just cooled down badly, so last night ... [No, I do not allow a seven-year-old, a window is not for climbing on it, the door is for passing, the windows are for getting in The light inside]. She understands English pretty well, deer too, I think he understands, but he does not say a word. Batsheva continues to go to English classes she learns to read. I do not really know how much. She has never walked voluntarily and she still does not walk voluntarily, but I suppose it is my duty to send her. [I do not hear deer] Is it recording anything? Looks like I've been talking for so long and I do not know what to say.

[Batsheva greets you] Our friend Oded, I do not think you know who he is, his mother passed away this week. So we were at seven. I searched for my wallet and film again, and downloaded the newspaper a little beyond where I was talking and thought it was a lesson tape that Eli had recorded, that I could record on, and now I notice that I am recording on a tape I made for you in my first year in Israel. I can not locate it now, because it was already to the end, but I'm telling you about the Western Wall or something. Not the first time I was there, but one of the times I was there. What a shame I was recording it, but I'd already screwed up. So I guess I might have just finished.

Let me think what else to say? Okay. I've been listening to what I'm recording now, pretty cute, so maybe if I do not speak the stomach, you can hear it a little bit. Batsheva is now riding her bike and Zvi is pushing Nehama with the treadmill [Zvi, Batshevaaa] I think they have moved a little too far. [No, no, not with comfort I do not allow] They had an idea to walk around the block, Zvi pushes Nehama with the walker and Batsheva rides the bike, but I do not intend to allow such a thing, it's a little too ... she did me a lot of time . comfort. Ha ha ha

Dina teaches piano at Pagi

Anyway, now I remember you asked how my teaching was going (at the piano) and how my lessons were going. Oh, now the phone rings, just a minute. Okay. Now I had a few things to tell you .. it was me on the phone .. the classes are going fantastically. I have so many students. I have to filter students. I have too much. It was a slow start to the beginning of the year, but now it's like you're building a reputation and I think I'm a good teacher and I enjoy what I do. And there are many, word of mouth, there are many people who are very, very interested and I do not have time. I love teaching classes, but my goal is not to make tons of money. I am also the mother.

The whole idea is that I help support the family, but I do not want to take on too much so that I will not be free with the children. Now I teach two mornings and two afternoons and that's enough. Also, if I do it too much, I'll start to get really sick of it, I will not enjoy it anymore. Nice.

You asked how my recital was, so it was okay, Arlene was here and I designed the living room and then in the hallway, where the table and chairs I made crunch and cookies, just like Mrs. Gus used to do. And I did not have ... Some of my students refused to play, even some of the graduates did not want to play. And only five students played and they did not play so well. I have to admit it was quite a mess, but the parents, most importantly the parents very much enjoyed it. And Arlene was there to give me a critique, like what she saw my kids play well and what they are not. And it was important for the kids to feel like they were doing something and to make an appearance. At the end of the year I want to do something like an audition for them. But I do not know, I need to get a judge and a piano teacher and I do not really know any more piano teachers.

I have one girlfriend who is a piano teacher, two friends, one lives in Talz Stone and one lives in Neve Ilan and need to start asking someone to come. So I do not know exactly what will happen. Anyway, that was one thing.


Another thing is that I told you about giving milk to this baby. So I only did it for about a week, because then after that, the baby was so prosperous, and all that breast milk that she was released to the hospital. Then the mother had all the names of the mothers who donated milk and I guess she called those who donated the most. I guess I did not have much to do. It was not bad, it's for them to call me. I do not know exactly, but it's okay. I'm still breastfeeding Nehama who's almost 13 months old because I do not know how to stop. I start thinking, I guess I stop in a way that is, once a day or a day yes a day no. Slowly.

The radio interview

The day after I made this tape for you, it was Saturday night. I remember when I told you about this baby, that Sunday morning I got a call from the radio station. It's like they have this program for human interest in the mornings. They only have music and things for housewives and all sorts of interesting things And they heard about this baby and they called the hospital and the hospital gave them my name, I think because I was probably, just by chance, they gave me my name, maybe I was the first on this page or something, so called me and asked me if I was ready Talking on the radio, of course I said, "No," I refused, but Arlene was here, so she said, "Why not?" So I said, "I agree, if it's anonymous," it's very embarrassing anyway. So they called me back half an hour later and interviewed me on the radio. I managed to call my mother-in-law to tell her to turn on the radio and hear me and she managed to tell her whole group to turn on the radio and hear me. So it was really ... I was so nervous before they called me back. I could not eat and thought, what should I say? And that my Hebrew is not something. But they asked me, how old is my baby and they asked me how I heard about ... they asked me some questions and then it was very short. Then something happened to the link and they hung up and did not call back. They just said thank you very much and all that.

Then I thought it was so easy to talk on the radio. I had many things to say to the people of Israel, I had many things I wanted to talk about, if only they would ask me, I would tell them my opinion on many things, on the upcoming elections. But they did not ask me these questions, but it was really great. It was really funny. I got excited for a few days.

Anyway, those were the things I wanted to tell you about. And now I say I'm getting to the end of the tape, so I'm going to sign and say goodbye and I hope to hear from you real soon. If not through Aunt Gloria, then through Tzila Rosenberg's parents who come, and I'll try to send the tape with photos and the letter and the signature cards.

Zvi Zvi Zvi Say hello to Mami and Grandpa. Well he went.


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