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My dear infinite husband - we have a daughter. And she has a face and she's so cute, I'm melted away

Monday, Or L 'Tammuz 5734

"The grace of the Lord is a world of song ...

To Dad - my infinite dear husband,

There is not enough time to talk to you. I miss you so much and love you, that I had to at least write. I did not even find any paper, just this single invitation (for our wedding) that fell out of my "lights" ....

Terribly upset with me because it's very late at night, but I can not sleep at all (I tried and tried). I have to tell you something wonderful:

We have a daughter. And she has a face. And she's so cute, I'm melted away from her. And her face and her character - yes, she has a character - they are special in the world - there has never been and never was such a thing! I already know her - you too will know her very quickly, and her voice, and her movements, and her cries (so gentle and feminine !!). And the funny faces.

I can not wait until tomorrow to see her, Dad, and also know - so wonderful !!

Blessed be God for the miracles and wonders of every day with us and at all times - evening, morning and noon, and for everything big and small and all the good, and for our daughter.

See you tomorrow at our house in Jerusalem with our Jerusalem daughter.

with big love,




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