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My dear, most precious diary, I so want to travel to the Land of Israel

Diary Excerpts from the Age of 14 (1967)

Dear Diaries, I was a candidate for president of the class, but I do not want to be president. I have no slogan, posters, nothing !! what will I do? problem!

Dear diaries, let's see ... how are you? Okay, eh? I'm in a good mood too. Guess what? I have a cat!!! really! His name is Rashi ... the only thing is that I can not take care of him, because Toby is a partner with me and he is with her. Today I went to volunteer at a nursing home and from there to a piano lesson .. From there I went to buy an anniversary gift for Dad and Mom.

My dear diary, I do not believe in the word 'hypocrite'. There is no such thing! A person should do what he feels is right, and if it is not exactly consistent with someone else's interpretation, that other person has no right to call him a hypocrite. He himself is painted in the eyes of his 'rival'. So if everyone is different, everyone is painted hated. Oh it's so dumb!

Dear diaries, today September 17th - I am 14 and a half years old !! I'm probably crazy or something. I always think differently from everyone else. It's not that I'm trying to show off or anything, I really think that way. The thing is, my beliefs are so different from everyone else's that it really seems impossible. But, I really believe them, and as a result everyone thinks I'm antisemitic or something terrible - even Mr. Yair. I really think it's silly not to trade with Germany, and silly to cite the fact that the Jews lived in Israel 2000 years ago, as an argument as to why they should accept it now. Love, Debbie.

Later this year:

My dear, most precious diary, I so want to travel to the Land of Israel, I so want to go to the Western Wall !!! I wish I could. I would give it my all !! No kidding, and I do not even have enough money for lunch tomorrow.

Dear diary, BOO !!! How are you today?! Oh, I'm fine thanks to my mom. Today I got 110 on a science test !!! Ahhhh! You're going to die - do not leave, it's serious, you will never guess! I do not know if I am happy or sad !! On David's desk in class is written "I love Debbie."


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