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Our connection with Hebron is permanent, Jerusalem without Hebron is the next world, but after Hebro

There is a lot of talk on the radio about Hebron. Abu Sneina, the Shuhada Road, will have security for the Jews or not. Marathon discussions that raise the level of stress.

We will not deal with it, of course, because it is not serious. I mean, it's very serious, there's a lot of responsibility here, but it's not serious at all, it's temporary. A decade, a generation - it's temporary.

Our relationship with Hebron is permanent and lasting. Also the meaning of the connection. Politics is a function of listening.

There are people who indulge in holy places, on ancestral graves, and there are others who want to break away from it, to build a new society - thanks to normalcy. It is a disease with very deep roots.

The intrusion into Hebron's case is a cure

"Look at the flint carving" (Isaiah 11: 1). You will reveal the flint carving in your soul.

From "Kom walked in the land", through "Vayishav Avraham" to "Vikam Hasadeh" - buying the Cave of the Patriarchs Permanence point. Ostensibly, a burial place is devoid of life, but a foundation of growth and reinforcement of life.

And the context "A woman of valor who will find", the romance of the Land of Israel, took a take from Sde Efron, came to teach and was found to study. Like a man and a woman, like Adam and Eve. One soul in bodies, but need a saw. "This time a bone of myself and a forerunner of the flesh will be called a woman because a man took it" (Genesis 2:23), face to face - so with Israel and the Land of Israel, was one real being.

And it is revealed in the rocky soil of Hebron, it begins in Hebron. In Hebron it is revealed that the two are one - man and woman, people and land, Israel and Gd, this world and the next world.

Jerusalem without Hebron is the next world, but after Hebron it is above the bills, a root for all. It is not for nothing that one should reign first in Hebron.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

(From a call to a yeshiva in Dimona)


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