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Pentecost marks the gradual ascension from the establishment of the national body, to the revelation

Shavuot in the Keshet Group - 1974

Words of strengthening and encouragement for Shavuot by Rabbi Eli Horowitz the 14th - for the well-wishers.

The Knesset of Israel strives to correct the world in its entirety (Israel and its resurrection), the depth of the Knesset's object in all its movements (revealed by the Israeli nation, whose annals are the backbone that runs through the generalities of history and pineapple to all worlds for content and meaning) Exposing and increasing the glory of God in the world by the story of his supreme glory - God's good for all and his mercy for all his deeds, enlightenment of all worlds and all history in their divine, sublime, good and righteous value.

This supreme object, the realization of which is the cause of all creation, is the property of the nation, a free gift forced upon Israel in the renewal of its creation on Mount Sinai.

One voice erupts from above and fills the people with terror and exaltation.

Big voice - too powerful has been reduced to human perception.

A single voice, which determines in the sixties the standing, their eternal destiny as the soul of being - the ascension of all, the correction of all, the inclusion and the answer of all to its divine source.

And from this, the voice becomes more and more detailed, divided into seven and then into seventy languages, and then it is perceived - the practical divine guidance is revealed, world paths that connect and connect all the levels of reality together and to their source.

And by the terrible individual of Kadosh-Baruch-He and Israel, by the Torah, the secret of creation and correction is revealed - "and they made me a sanctuary and I dwelt in them."

Not a one-time flash of light that elevates for a moment some person, or some people, nor an ideal of a spiritual life detached from the layers of material being. "Jacob is not such a part, because he creates everything and Israel is the tribe of the inheritance of the Lord of hosts."

All times and all steps, must be illuminated by the divine good light, which alone is the foundation of their existence.

And the visible grace of peace and harmony of and "all to one site Slickin" is not realized, but by the groups of connection between the Creator exalted above all meaning of reduction and limitation - the place of the world, and the created farther from any divine manifestation.

The heavenly sanctuary descending according to the divine order to be revealed in the opaque trees and stones of matter, and by their visible connection the sanctuary of the capacitors which includes in one booklet all the abstract ideal good and all the more clumsy multiplication tangles.

And this is a matter of the time of giving our teachings - the clarity of the abstract divine light - an inner point that emanates and arranges all the worlds.

And the commandment of the day in the fruit of the earth - the day of the firstfruits - the penetration of light to the point of appearing in the earthly arrangements farthest from any spiritual content.

On this footing, the inner ideal is fully embodied in its purity and wholeness, as it is to be revealed as the arbitrary order of all.

When they look at the historical course in which the intensity of the time of giving our Torah and the Feast of Firstfruits is revealed, it becomes clear that there is no sudden shock - the spark of the next world without warning and without kosher, but we stand in that modern end.

Pentecost marks the gradual ascension from the establishment of the national body, to the revelation of his soul who chose us from all nations and gave us his teachings.

Further deepening reveals that in this the Exodus from Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea began the beginning of the process. "And the woman shall conceive, and bear a son, and shalt see him that is good" - that the whole house may be filled with light. In the more terrible Holocaust that darkened the filth of the sons of Jacob, a point of light appears - the seed of future salvation.

And out of that tiny clarity, which is almost not felt at all, the figure of the Redeemer appears - heavy-mouthed and heavy-tongued, humble of every man, for his hand is revealed the strong hand and outstretched arm of the Lord of hosts who saves Israel from the abomination of Egypt.

The same faithful servant, who removes the web of humiliation embedded in human matter, rises to the absolute victory over the angels, who exalts the value of man in his highest virtue, in whose duty lies the removal of the darkness of impurity and death from the world.

The straight look at the divine history brings us together in a gradual process during redemption. First, a tiny glimmer of light in the darkness, whose registration is small and does not evoke large movements and actions, but bright is in the purpose of clarity, and stands as a seed in which already at the beginning of its growth all the greatness of life is revealed.

And from that quiet and humble beginning, the nucleus of light goes and spreads, and nurses over the spaces of darkness that surround it, and the light becomes clearer out of the darkness.

And at the end of the process, the light rises completely, and the darkness is eliminated from the world, and the trend of every place that underlies his work becomes clear - the clear appearance of Ziv the Goddess of the kingdom of God by the glorious crown on the head of the King of Israel.

In fact the period of enlightenment of the world in the light of Christ, the light of the last redemption, there are situations of ropes, holocausts and falls of the soups in their torment the nation.

All the salvation of Israel at once narrow and exalted from some depression, is a kind of tiny redemption that lasts and belongs to the general course of redemption, and has the same characteristics of the course of redemption as a whole.

From this we can understand that in the terrible darkness that befalls the days but the people of Israel, the light must be revealed. The darkness of laxity that darkens the skies of our land, the departure of our national heroism and the weariness of a coveted land, is what obliges and heralds the appearance of the bright light in the clouds of weakness and decay of humiliating Israel and bending its stature.

Before the Gentiles must appear the rainbow of faith and the rainbow of honor, it is impossible not to sow the seed of love - endless love for our holy land, love with the chosen one the glory of God, our love of national honor, so his hand will return the crown, the shadows of evil will be expelled, In full exclusion and holiness.

And here, in the strength of our planting in the land of the Golan, to appear the rainbow, here the seed is sown and from here the light came out. Out of the heroism of our standing here, the renewal of honor in the entire nation will begin. Out of the intensity of our love for the rugs of the land here, the wall of indifference and alienation to the land of our covetousness will begin to crumble, which are but last convulsions of the same sin of spies, presidents and leaders of Israel, for which we exiled from our land and the sword of our glorious house.

And by virtue of our faith and certainty in the holy connection between God and the land of God - faith will spread and fill the heart of all Israel, and the spirit of the nation will rise, the shadows will fly, and the light of joy and security And corrects all worlds during the light of Christ.

״ כי בשת עולמים תשכחי וחרפת אלמנותיך לא תזכרי עוד, כי בעליך עשיך ה׳ צבאות שמו וגאלך קדוש ישראל אלוקי כל הארץ יקרא״. (ישעיהו נ״ד)

Rabbi Eli Horowitz



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