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Question in the laws of modesty

Rabbi Eli dug his feet in the details of Halacha. Throughout his life he was guided by the laws and their details.

Rabbi Eli once asked me, you do not have to know, his question and his halakhic deliberation was, does what is written in halakhah that a person should be modest everywhere, should the person also be modest in the bathroom, or not?

This was the question that troubled his mind and he asked this question a lot in Jerusalem. He came to me and I told him that there was a source for this matter.

This issue bothered him. He said to me: "I was with this rabbi and I went to ask this rabbi and I went to ask this rabbi and I went to ask this rabbi on this question."

That is, throughout his life he was governed by the laws and the details of these laws. And once again, here, we find his faith and his great emotion, combined with the mind and worldly life and time. The prayer and Torah that they are both connected to.

Rabbi Yehuda Amichai



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