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Teacher Dina is like an abstract and spiritual melody, a melody from which one can imagine magical w

In the first class in tenth grade, a tall woman with a gentle American voice came in, opened the bag, and took out a number of discs and tapes.

Her introduction was that she teaches us how to listen to music, and see wonderful worlds we did not know about before. She puts music on us, gets excited, tells us what she sees, she draws on the board shapes that seem appropriate to her. Sometimes she also danced.

Teacher Dina discovered magical worlds and we tried to listen. Sometimes I was afraid that the melodies, the stories, the drawings, the notes and the curls, the ups and downs in the melody, came in and revealed (exposing) me, but about herself the teacher Dina was not afraid, she revealed to us all her feelings, every character and character.

After two and a half years, in the last lesson, teacher Dina asked each one where she was going next year. She's very happy to hear from me that I'm going to the rainbow.

Then she played us a tune, and she said to me, "You want to, it's not right for you to like that tune." I replied that I actually like it very much. She was surprised and said, 'Yes? Because it very much reflects your personality and I thought it would actually put you off. '

I see Teacher Dina much more as a melody, because a melody is abstract, it is spiritual, from which you can yourself imagine magical worlds, as she was.



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