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The echo of Rabbi Eli's teachings resonates in my ears. Sweet voice. Rabbi Eli invested his whole be

Nissan 5763

In honor of the dear Horowitz family, engraved in the depths of the soul, and in the memory of the love of the ancients.

As we sat for an hour on our brother and sister-in-law, Avi and Avital the 14th, who ascended in the heavenly storm in the dead of night, Rabbi Eli and Dina the 14th entered, and as a matter of course, Rabbi Eli sat down with me - a little to the side - and we talked. We spoke quietly from heart to heart, a great heart for his disciple, a loving and devoted rabbi, it was natural to speak, real and simple.

Apart from the family connection - the friendship between the families and the fact that my sister Sufiya and I were parallel to Batsheva and Zvi (as well as Efrat and Nehama), I was also privileged to be a student of Rabbi Eli, who was my teacher and first rabbi (especially Rabbi Eli to our class - three years in kindergarten and three years in classes , Until he moved to Hebron).

Rabbi Eli invested his whole being in raising the children - students, in sweetness and devotion. A special privilege was given to those who imprinted the foundations of the faith of Israel and Torah, in the joy of childhood dew, in Torah stories, in the imprinting of a great and true (even if childish) painting of the fathers of the nation, those we miss, Hebron.

The echo of his teaching resonates in my ears, a sweet voice - we see the little boy Abraham, know his Creator and break the statues, enter the fiery furnace and go out, and the highlight, the verse that was expressed in us "and I will become a great nation", "and Abram (Abraham) in the land" - I see Abraham's flocks coming out, Sarah longing for the birth of Isaac, Abraham's prayer about Sodom versus their wickedness. The noble qualities of our first father seem to be imprinted in us (at least in terms of admiration and aspiration), we go with the father and son to the mountain of God alone.

I hear the verse "And they made me a sanctuary and I dwelt in them." I hang out with my friends at a Hanukkah party, at their house in the Paji neighborhood. I look at the clock, when the time set for Shavuot night will come and we will sit at Rabbi Eli's house to study. And bone extraction and love of nature - spontaneous trips to the Jerusalem forest - and ancient memories of love flood my heart with longing.

When you look at this devotion (which did not end in those days, but Rabbi Eli stands at a distance and looks at what he will do - where it will develop until adolescence and adulthood), you are filled with reverence, great humility of all, greatness and humility - true and simple humility, simplicity and honesty without blemish. , It's a very big study.

(By the way - I remember Nablus Dina filled a place in the garden)

I was privileged to see humility what is also in the Purim meal. For years I had the privilege of sitting next to Rabbi Eli when he would come to Father's Supper on Purim Purim (Rabbi Oded Wolansky was Rabbi Eli's close rabbi), he would drink Ark and sink into deep contemplation, sometimes with a slight smile - and without uttering a word, "Go silence glory."

When we talked at seven about my father and Avital - Rabbi Eli told me that he remembers my father's covenant and the special things my father spoke there - and here is a chariot of fire and blood horses and blood touched, in the storm of these days, sacred in their horrors, so special, calling us to such great greatness, Assigning us to these great and holy souls, who were asked to sit above, to sit with the King at his party and hasten salvation to our people.

And his heart is bleeding - the blood of my father and Avital the 14th, the blood of the saints of Hebron on the night of Shabbat Kodesh and went out and the same tzaddik who made an impression, who belongs to the world of freedom - Dror the 14th, and the blood of Rabbi Eli Up in a storm, in the order of the Souls Ordinance on Holy Saturday night "Pekudi."

There are special people - and everyone knows they are special, and there are hidden special people, so special that they are supposedly ashamed of their uniqueness and do not recognize it. There are people with humility - true humility, it is bought for them, it fights the instinct of pride, and there are people with special humility, very simple humility, very innocent, very natural, humility of "selfish worm and not man", of souls belonging to the light of Christ, to That they do not at all understand how to be proud.

These saints on whom our son is shedding blood, were very special, very talented, very humble. Those who did not look special, not even humble, just honest, an honesty that includes a huge humility, a huge specialness - Dalit la exemplifies nothing.

The triangular thread will not soon be severed - there is a feeling that a thread connects these saints, and as Father spoke at the Purim meal, in the sublimity of Purim - about these special souls, associated with the emergence of the redeeming Torah, the revealed end doctrine, the Torah that will rise and appear to this day.

And what here they stood and served, all the more so in the yeshiva of Ma'aleh - as the righteous go from force to force and have no rest, neither in this world nor in the next.

Herzl Wolensky

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