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The Horovitz couple are really wonderful to me. I'm like their adopted daughter

Excerpts from letters to parents - January 1972

The Horowitz couple are really wonderful to me. I'm like their "adopted daughter" and whenever I do not stay Saturday in college, I go to them. I'm so part of the family, I even have my "chores" to do every week and even shout at me occasionally - like everyone else. Just like a good old house (I laugh), only one difference - I can wash dishes, polish candlesticks, etc., but I am disgusted by one thing - I will never be asked to empty the trash !!

In school the work starts to accumulate, but it is not so burdensome because it is purposeful and I want to achieve what it forces me to study (I always start very idealistically - save this letter and show it to me during the final exam)!

Let's see, what else? Everything here is great. I love my apartment - the girls are great and we are so close. Frozen here and I'm happy for the warm sweaters you knitted for me. Sorry, all the girls are happy.

Oh, well I remember - I do not know what you hear in the news about Sadat, etc., but I just wanted to tell you how excessive everything is, I did not even know that anything was happening until yesterday. Please do not worry there is nothing to really worry about. Just pray there will be no war.

Write. How is everyone there? Did you receive my special masterpiece in shipping? I wanted you to know about Isul. I want to bring Horowitz something nice - any suggestions? Did you receive the anniversary gift I sent? Tell me about them all!

I'm really happy - give my regards to Brian and Stanley. I think I'll write to them. Uncle Ted wrote me a beautiful letter. I'm going to Lisol tomorrow and next week to Rabbi Bahran and the week after the village where Mrs. Silver is staying. I came across Mrs. Kahm and she sends warm greetings. Later this year I will go to visit relatives in Naan, Ben Shemen, etc. Piano lessons are good. Write more, I want letters.




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