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The supposed connection between the sacred and the profane between Dror and a seemingly yoke is anno

29 Menachem Av 5769

Dear Eli,

You have arrived at the painful day

Which you probably quite dislike

But it's normal

Not a frustrating or false thing!

The timing here is very interesting

And for you it is suitable and characteristic

The so-called connection

Between holy and profane - between "freedom" and "yoke"

Seemingly he is disturbing and annoying

But who like you understands

That there is no contradiction of any kind here

Turns out the sand

Definitely can too

To suck from the gentle holiness

And while your spirit floated above

And your musings hover in space

Look at the painting

Wonderful from description (as a result of shaking)

That the sand in the oil (likened to the Torah) paved!

Love etc

I am


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