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This is the first time in two weeks that I haven't seen you a whole day. Can we live on the Arbel?

Good morning Eli, there are some blue flowers hanging here on a vine - I wonder what they are called. I just asked Dov Begun what they were called and he said "I do not know" - it's a silly name for a flower, but again, so does "Bear's ears" or whatever.

Do you think I'm hopeless? butterfly! I miss you, Eli, it's time to go. Bye. Now I have discovered, they are called "big mallow."

Toby just talks about how she makes 3 white kippahs for her brothers for David's Bar Mitzvah. I asked her why she did not make one for you and she said "I do not want to make a whole cap for someone who will not wear it." But you are! Can i please

I just read the book Catch 22, have you read it? We stopped nowhere, ostensibly, and climbed a high mountain - you see, I'll be fine when I get back! - and suddenly it was stunning - so stunning that you can see perfect and everything at a glance - mountains, trees, sand, grass, fields, rocks, brown and green and white and even floral.

Hi Eli, I've seeing Jordan for the first time! This whole thing does not seem real. Or oh it's incredibly beautiful (if only I had my mom's hair salon). We just went down in the hospital - Nahal settlement, everything here is secluded and beautiful - at first I thought it would be great to live here, but then we were shown the shelter, and then we were told that the temperature here sometimes rises to 54 ° - so ... as far as I can think, I love Jerusalem more.

Eli, oh Eli, oh wow you ... I fell asleep (above Catch 22) and then… ..I woke up to see ... Tiberias and the Sea of ​​Galilee. Oh, I can not describe it ... In that second I came back from climbing up and down the Arbel. How can I tell you? It was very experiential. While we were climbing, the guide wanted us to really feel the ground and they did an exercise for us that we had to run in the fields and suddenly lie in the grass and flowers and thorns and think - about the Lord of the world. I thought of something else, besides the Lord of the world, I thought of how happy I was.

Eli, can we please, please, live on the head of the Arbel? Forget about teaching, agriculture, neighbors, community, village, even from Jerusalem, please? (We started moving sorry for this writing).

We walked this dangerous road, and oh what a beauty! Mira is so depressed - she misses Joel. I'll stop now to encourage her or something. I just asked Toby and she said we would go to her hospital tomorrow and you might be there, so see you tomorrow. I can give you the letter in person. It's weird - this is the first time in two and a half weeks that I have not seen you a whole day. I'm going crazy. Maybe I will not give it to you - I will save it for documenting emotions from my trip.

We have now returned from the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, made a campfire there and sang. So beautiful here, Eli, really nice. Now the next day - 4:30 in the morning - you should be proud, or at least in shock. I feel like I've been awake for ages. You and I could see the sunrise over the Sea of ​​Galilee - what a stunning city Tiberias.

Eli - it's later now we have passed her patient. So beautiful here - you know. I just wanted to tell you that I'm smiling all the time because it's so beautiful here. Oh, I have to look out the window and drown it in my head and in my eyeballs forever!

Today we went to Tel Hai and Kiryat Shmona and after the Tanur waterfall, we walked in Tel Dan. I think I want to live there. We climbed it not easy to Mount Hermon. It was wonderful! We danced on the summit and it was so weird, there was no air and after one dance we stopped - my lungs stopped. Eli, I'm sorry this is a silly, trivial and also illegible letter - I just read parts of it, I'm really sorry. Shakespeare I am not, but at least I am!

A day passed - today we were at Tel Faher, we saw and heard about devotion. We watched the sunset - we understood Memorial Day - and as one of the girls said at sunset, God lit a torch in the sky for Remembrance Day. So hard to understand - I'm so sad right now. I was so sorry we could not come to her patient - we went through so much trouble trying to get there, but you have no idea how great it was to hear you.

This trip is amazing. I do not describe it well. I love to go hiking and I love to climb and walk and I love to sing and I love to sleep outside (which we are not) and I love to paint this amazing landscape and I love to get to know our country and I hate not being with you. I'm so looking forward to all the places we will return to, me and my husband.

I made a list of things to do and places to live. That is, to live in Arbel, to live in Tiberias, to make flour in Tel Dan, to be a tour guide, to live in Rosh Pina, to spend every evening watching the sunset over Tel Faher and to go out to the oven waterfall every weekend. that's it. I miss you. Going crazy. Bye.

Eli I'm having a heart attack. I'm dead - oh, I'm so sorry - really. I lost the first 2 pages of this letter, I can not find them anywhere - I'm so sorry. I'm almost crying now - I searched everywhere and Mia is so helpful, only they are not here. I want to see you, Eli.

We are just leaving Acre, where we passed through the prison and the museum - so exciting to be there on Memorial Day - a lot of things I thought about. I wish I could find this letter. It is now the eve of Independence Day and every city we pass has its own celebration. We're in her room right now .. I do not know why I'm writing you all these trivial details - it's simply because I hate to end the letter. Maybe I should do something symbolic, like now there is no beginning to this letter, maybe it should not end either, but no, I will finish now.

In about two hours, I'll see you and by then I'll think of you. Happy holiday to me!

I love you


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