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Until I got married there were days that were full of events, but now it's really a thousand times

ֿTo my dear husband complete medicine!

Lots of time I did not write to you and a little strange because in a few minutes I will give it to you by hand, but nothing.

I once explained to you, (I think I fall asleep in the middle, but maybe you remember ...) that every time I sit in college - I suddenly have a kind of spark of wide-eyedness. This means that 3 years fold together in one second, and an optimism that is a little hard for me to grasp and turn most of the time, suddenly fills me.

I'll explain in a moment - now it's a little uncomfortable for me, because I'm sitting in class and not understanding a word - really none. It's crazy today, so I decided to write - I wanted all day. Oh my, it's really crazy - the teacher himself said, we have a little break in the middle, to rest. Oops !!

Anyway I keep going: I decided in the middle of teaching to daydream - and you know what? I'm pregnant !!!

It matters so much, it's hard for me to explain (the lesson is over and there's another one and a minute), but it's from reality such a change that every day there are changes - not only in my body, but much more importantly, in Moishela's body in daily development, until it comes into the world. really.

Until I got married, then there were certain days that were full of events - the day of the conditions, the day of the wedding, the day we met and all my life in general - all towards this and that life. So, everything was in general, here and there, with sparks of notable cases just like I mentioned, but now it's really a completely different reality, and every moment, every second, it's progress and actual changes that are a thousand thousand times more important than before. And you can not pay attention !? And do not feel it!

One has to open one's eyes and see things that are very clear and simple, but, a novelty for me - I mean, not a novelty, but to remind me, to inspire. It's so happy, isn 't it? And wonder that all this can happen, and a human being can be ..... (there is no sequel)



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