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We are sitting here in Jerusalem, and they are really sitting there in Washington, but he is sitting

"Grating" sounds from the studio erupt into the calm and relaxed melody of the vacation ... but don't worry! - I do not send you free jobs or preparation material for studies. With all due respect and importance to formal studies, in such difficult days their importance dwarfs me.

The days are sad and gloomy - the days "between the straits" are today the day of the seventeenth of Tammuz. The events - near and far - are also happening for some reason lately at a dizzying pace: the elections took place here in the Kirya on Tuesday, our prime minister is there, and the horrific rumors, the published maps, the various interpretations. All this together evokes in me a lot of thoughts and feelings - an emotional roller coaster!

Some of my thoughts I felt the need to share with you ...

Yesterday, on the eve of the 17th of Tammuz, the entire teaching staff of the studio went on a tour of Jerusalem. Imagine, we sat the whole group in front of such spectacular views, it was dusk and everything was washed out in an oval pink color. I for a moment thought to myself 'Ya Allah !! We are sitting here in the most "here" place in the world, and they are sitting there in Washington and who knows with what knives they are "slaughtering" Jerusalem, tearing it to pieces. "

I thought I was going to go really crazy, and then I remembered the things we learned this year. Remember Joseph sold to Egypt, Judas "getting involved" with Tamar, Jacob weeping over his preyed son?

I was reminded of the Midrash "Tribes were engaged in the sale of Joseph, and Jacob was engaged in sacking and fasting, and Judah was engaged in taking a wife, and... God created the light of Christ"!

And again I said to myself, 'Well, we're sitting here in Jerusalem, and they're really sitting there in Washington, but he's sitting in the heights will send his mercy on us, and we will answer and beg. Amen!'

how are you? I hope you enjoy the freedom and take advantage of it for the rest you (we) needed so much. I also hope that this rest is not only idle - but "framed" in daily prayer, fruitful activity, trips, visits, and perhaps even short and regular study - in the form of "setting times for the Torah."

I'm very busy this summer writing my thesis (it's not over !!), missing Nehama (she works hard and happy, BH), and just hanging out (is that how you write?).

I had fun "talking" to you. Keep up the good work. Feel free to contact me at any time (I will release anything!) And if anyone then wants to initiate a class meeting - a blessing will come upon her!




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