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What do we live for?

A bit of a pretentious question to start a lesson. Living to finish the month, to buy the villa, to marry the son, to retire. We have lots of close trends. Besides, the alternative does not warn a normal person.

We started living long before we were aware of life and its meaning and anyway existential habits dominate. But still, beyond that and within it all there is some natural impulse, expecting something.


The Jewish nature we have built is connected to the light in one way or another and we want to bring it about.


There is an ultra-Orthodox approach that sees the future, and the whole present is worth nothing. There is a secular attitude - there is no future, it is not interesting. And there is an anti-Jewish approach - to recognize the future and not demand it. And there is the approach of the rabbi (Kook) - that there is harmony here, synthesis.


Only through study and emotional and cognitive attachment to the inner spirit of the nation, is there a meaning in our private lives and a path in our national path.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

From a draft for a lesson in Ramat Aviv


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