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Where's mom?

A letter from Dina to Eli's parents who stayed for a short time in America.

Hello to all of you,

Here in Jerusalem, everything is fine - pay attention - everything is fine: a happy ending, everything is fine and here is the story that ends well: Tobi ...

Shoshana (Carmeli, Eli's aunt) called yesterday, all good to hear from her. She was of course very sorry to hear about ... and wanted to come help !! And she's two weeks after surgery. She's all all nice. Everything is fine with them. She hinted to me over the phone (the whole family was sitting there) that there were probably some behavior issues with Shani, but she did not elaborate. Besides there is nothing new.

David (Eli's brother) was here for Sunday dinner. The nightmare did not come, so he took advantage of his absence to get cooked food.

I had an easy job because Eli had a stomach upset and I had enough leftovers. It was nice to make him happy. He really wants to hear more from you.

Ari should come to us for Shabbat, but he is probably going to Kiryat Shmona for friends. David has an uproar at the yeshiva so he stays, but Mordechai Zvi will be with us for dinner. He found that it was no more than a quarter of an hour's walk from here to the meeting, so that one could stay with us without wasting time and return to the meeting immediately.

In general he is fine and I get the impression that he does not like to be hosted much - only occasionally (going out by duty) and the rest of the time is very very constant.

Everything is fine with us - the children are healthy and happy. Batsheva has a Chumash party on Monday afternoon. Doing a very big business about starting to learn from the Pentateuch. Mothers must be and grandmothers are allowed too. Too bad ... but we will be photographed without a vow.

A week ago I was invited to the school for a meeting with the nurse along with Batsheva. This is a routine test that every first grader goes through. Ask all kinds of questions about her development - as if her ears do not pick up every word. At one point they asked if she had friends at school and I replied "I guess so" - then suddenly a voice popped up from the other side of the room "Yes!" ...

That morning, Eli did not feel well (stomach upset - as mentioned) and I drove with their taxi and with Zvi to Kiryat Moshe. I thought maybe I could help the management of the Hyder (authorized Talmud Torah), since many of the teachers and kindergarten teachers were missing that day. I did not intend to be a substitute, just maybe sit for a few minutes with the kids until they find another substitute.

Very happy to see me and in short, that morning I was the rabbi of age five (or maybe a rabbi), an experience! Thank God, was very very nice, I enjoyed very much and probably they also had reverence from me - the rabbi's wife, and also the same name as the teacher (very successful combination) and I did not get the usual care they give to any other deputy.

What kind! Pray, have a lot of fun when I did not greet them on the tassel and "I did not smoke a woman," and after all I told them a story I made up while talking.

The next day, Eli told me that they told the word again verbatim.

When I wanted to release them for a break, they did not want to go out - the Swiss wanted to show me how they can read.

Eli told me that he told you about a deer with his tribal bear (reminds me of Sarah on Tevet - do you know her?) He is so cute.

And comfort too. She laughs all the time and is already managing to move a bit forward, although it is very far from creeping. She is already sitting in a high chair and with her lack of teeth likes to eat a piece of apple and her favorite is dates.

I noticed that she was already starting to have a mind. If I cover my eyes with my hand and ask where is mom? Where's mom? She laughs and tries to move my hands to see my face.

And of course she's chatting - ddddddddddddd, nnnnnnnnnnnnn, mmmmmm, gagg etc.

... The children really enjoyed your letter, Uri, and Batsheva immediately went to write back to you, but if you noticed, she wrote you almost exactly what you wrote to her.

When I remarked to her about it, with the addition: "What, are you lazy?" She laughed and replied, "But I'm also interested in these things about him, not just him." This means that she is also interested in knowing if you are healthy, and she also wants you to send her a lot of letters and drawings. So you targeted exactly what she thought and had no choice but to copy your letter back (this is inaccurate - she added some original sentences of her own).

Zvi did not write because he "forgot." This is his excuse for everything: "Why did you step on me?" - "I forgot"

"Why did you break the glass?" - "I forgot"

"Why don't you play with Joel?" - "I forgot"

That's his word of the week. And another word he loves these days is fulfilled (like "fulfilled - it does not matter"). Only he does not understand the meaning of the word, so he simply puts it into his speech from time to time - sometimes as a noun ("this filled bed - she is wet"), or perhaps as a verb and much much as a title ("gentle she filled"). You can explode.

Even though I have this whole page, I'll finish because it's close to 11:00 and I'm devastated. Last night we slept with Adina and Aderet and my 3 and me were not. They employed me until quite late, and from today at 6:30 in the morning. Bless them!

By the way, I took your offer (how do you really say that?) And brought me this folding dryer you had for drying clothes by the oven. Maybe it would ease my distress a little. Now quite cold and wet - but of course there is nothing to compare with you.

Good. I'm done here. We would very much like to hear more about the work of my father (Rabbi Moshe Horowitz) there, and what he does, and how he feels, and if he succeeds, and whether there is satisfaction ...

feel well. Do not worry!!

Write a lot of letters (and also drawings ..)


Eli, Dina, and Batsheva and Zvi and Nehama

post Scriptum. Pnina Zaini was born today! This is number 6. David, Shifra, Bezalel, Yesha, Yitzhak and? Mazel Tov!


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