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You suffered, cried, despaired, ignored, struggled, prayed and changed for the better! I also change

To my dear students,

You will therefore know that my meeting with you is very significant for me, not only because of all the experiences we went through together - the classes in class, the pleasures of Shabbat, conversations until dawn, trips !!, promotions, etc. It accumulates together into a sweet nostalgia.

Also not just because of the diverse social fabric. I am amazed time and time again how each one is different, each one is a personality, each one a creative force and together openness, listening and unity! (And quote "Each of you has a wonderful flower in your heart and together you have created a lovely lovely garden").

When I look with a mental eye at you, at each and every one - I am attacked by intense longing.

But the thing I admire so much about, the thing that amazes me most, is the lesson I learned from you. I learned from you, from every girl in the class, that you can change from end to end, I saw it right before my eyes!

In the field of study - from low achievements to matriculation.

Social awareness - from "my problem" to "what can I do to improve?".

Mental heroism - from 'I have no strength! I can not stand it !! 'Standing and standing as a beacon for all of us.

Deepening Thought and Faith - From 'Enough! Give me some freedom! 'So I will pray despite the fatigue. Yes sleeves despite the heat and many more examples.

Loyalty to society, keeping one's tongue, mutual paragon, "excerpts" laughter.

You did it, every daughter and daughter, and it was a miracle and a wonder to me. It was not easy, neither for you nor for me.

You struggled, you suffered, you cried, you despaired, you ignored, you prayed ... and you changed for the better! I also changed. I will admit that I had quite a few heartbeats and quite a few gray hairs were added.


I learned a lot from my gentlemen and students most of all

And to the answer asked in the song ...

Clear is the secret, clear and bright,

Blessing of the Majesty of Hebron City,

People of all strains develop and grow,

But only attached to the root grows leaves,

This is the Law of Iron Flock, Pure Olive Oil,

True for the people of Israel and true for you too!

And finally: Alik! Alik! Symbol!

I love you!




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