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Dina's excitement about the release of Natan Sharansky

I studied piano with teacher Dina for six years.

We had red booklets from abroad with all the notes and songs. Teacher Dina made sure to skip all the Christmas songs, not to learn them and not play them because the music affects the psyche.

In your house, in building 34 where my parents live to this day, on the wall above the piano hung a sign "Send my people" that was associated with the struggle for the liberation of the Jews of the Soviet Union.

On the day of Nathan Sharansky's release from prison, Mom was so excited. In the notebook where the homework and things I needed to practice were written, she wrote excitedly "Anatoly Sharansky's release day." It really was in her mind.

For years she prepared lessons and studied at the public library in Kiryat Arba, and whenever I got there, we had fascinating and interesting conversations. I always had a bright face.

Remember with love and longing.

Naama (Cohen) Landau


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