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Chatter and laughter with good friends

  • Shaking ideas without purpose

  • See the humor in different situations and check that it is funny in the eyes of society as well

  • Possibility to express oneself in images and metaphors and codes without any need to explain, explain and "fill in" all the "holes"

Getting to my classes (and especially music classes) without having to prepare

  • A sense of daring and creating tension

  • A sense of finesse and beauty

  • Proves to me that I am a creative actress (working on them), and successful

  • There is a "wish" in this that the truth is the game, the spontaneous, the unspoken and the organized

  • Being a little "naughty" and "bad"

Reading detectives

  • Mind game - even though a person has been murdered, there is no tragedy or any emotion

  • An intellectual challenge to find out who "did it"

  • Possibility to disconnect from reality and sink ... (but I'm still in control because it's not a movie that 'stuns' me - you can stop reading, peek at the end, and come back

To meet songs on the radio - precisely unintentionally

  • Feel how they meet me today, discover my meaning today

  • Nostalgia - fly to another place, different taste ...

  • I like to listen and deplete more and more, "squeezing" all the meaning I can find in the song for me in this moment

  • Relish beautiful sound and beautiful sounds

  • Gives vigor and upliftment, takes you out of a mood to another state

Sing to myself out loud and / or in my heart

  • All of the above

  • Shortens the "way" with cleaning the house, boring walking, etc.

  • Gives "rhythm" and order and legality and framework

  • In classical works it "tests" my memory

Playing alone / playing in an orchestra

  • There are rules and method of study, requiring concentration, systematicity, and breakdown into factors

  • Get results

  • Beauty, fascinating and interesting

  • Express yourself, control the sound and play "Deep Deep"

  • (In the orchestra) very much feels my limitations (reason not to play)

  • daring!! Arrive not so ready and maybe I will still be able to "cheat" on luck

  • Integration with everyone - to be swallowed

  • Feel the complexity and multiplicity of shades

  • Pleasure and satisfaction in performances

Prepare to Saturday at the last minute

  • I test the limits of my ability

  • Introduces an element of tension and "danger"

  • Fun to do a lot of things at once (juggling)

  • I're not allowed to ask for help - there are rules of the game

"Discovering" new places for me

  • Without planning ahead, finding myself somewhere, finding the context and the meaning .. (it's similar to how to meet songs at random)

  • Seeing "faces with boulders, a bouquet of flowers, etc. - rearranging a shadow and light, an object and a background in order to invent an imaginary world.

  • A feeling that I can create reality

  • Funny with myself

  • "Who am I today?" I know those faces are actually how I see myself at that moment

  • Prove to myself that I am capable - I am creative and not fixed

  • It's more interesting than talking to myself

Bite my nails

  • Gives me what to focus on when I want to wander in thought - allows wandering

  • You can destroy freely - there is no harm in "truth"

  • Maybe - that I should not bite something else?


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