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Shouts at the Horovitz family home

The delicious cookies that Dina would make, with chocolate chips and also healthy cookies ...

Eli's carpentry tools, especially the clamps we would occasionally come to borrow to strengthen the chairs in the living room. Eli loved carpentry and made various furniture for the house.

The piano, of course, had a place of honor at home and in everyday life. Aside from the fact that Dina taught my sister, I also got to hear her wonderfully play complex and long pieces.

Remember a home with an atmosphere of holiness, wisdom and creativity combined with each other. Out-of-the-box thinking, analytical ability and a fruitful argument between everyone. Sometimes to the point of shouting but with lots of love.

Remember Zvi makes it difficult ..

For Batsheva's room, buy an extra high bed, with thick and even mattresses. I often remember a huge puzzle of thousands of pieces lying in the middle of the assembly on cardboard or a wooden pallet, on the bottom of the bed.

I did not dream of being able to put together one part in it.

Sufiya Shani


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