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Rabbi Eli talks about the hospitality given to him by his three-year-old student

I taught small children in Talmud Torah, in one of the classes they taught them about the hospitality of our ancestor Abraham.

After a while I once went to visit a friend, whose son is studying in my classroom. I knocked on the door, and the three-year-old opened the door. I asked, "Dad at home?"

"No, he's asleep."

"Well, I'll come another time."

Then the boy looked at me with the eyes of an angel and said to me: 'The rabbi will come in'.

I really could not refuse, I could not break his heart, the heart of an angel. I went in.

Then I hear all sorts of strange sounds emanating from the kitchen, and after a few minutes the boy returns from the respectable meter he is carrying, and places in front of me a huge bowl with five packets of margarine, two frozen carp and a head of red cabbage, and says: 'The rabbi will eat ...'.

This good, this love of grace - this is the seed of our father Abraham. "

The rabbi taught us that in this child and in his childish hospitality the "Abrahamic" was revealed

Imprinted in all of us in the most natural and simple way.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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