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The deep frequency that Rabbi Eli would reach in classes

Rabbi Eli would give long and amazing lessons at the Quarter seminary.

At some point in the lesson, the rabbi would close his eyes and seem to enter a deep frequency in life and simply abound in more and more Torah and holiness.

In a lesson on the affair of Sarah's life. Rabbi Eli came in with a huge huge smile and said "Shabbat - this is a bridal Shabbat" and spoke at length about the nature of the relationship between spouses who are in fact one.

Every lesson of his was Rabbi Eli sailing to immense depths, and at the same time he had simple examples from life that were very touching and even funny.

Students in the midrasha do not remember much content, but the spirit of the things, the devotion and the life in which he lived the Torah, were really engraved in my heart.

Mazal Ben David


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