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All holiday we are talking about the temple and sacrifices, say this is serious?

My relatives from the kibbutz were with me on Passover, which fell on Shabbat. We did Seder until three, four in the morning, then a second and third meal. We were together all the time, they were very attentive and asked questions.

At the third meal, like this at the end of the day after 24 intense hours, the next one asks me "Tell me, all the holiday we are talking about the Temple and sacrifices, say it is serious?"

I said yes. The Temple, the house of prayer, will call to all the peoples. "

"And what about the Temple Mount and the Omar Mosque (Dome of the Rock)?" He asked

I replied to the relative "I do not know exactly, but I know one thing, it will not be with wars."

I read to him that it would be with a value of such great wholeness in the people of Israel that the Gentiles would recognize this value and run to help build the Temple, because they know that there will be such a light that will exalt them to seek the opinion of God. "

The next one listened and calmed down a bit that we are not going to make war on the Temple Mount right now, and then he tells me "But Israeli culture will have to develop a lot by then"

I replied, "We are in agreement on this matter."

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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