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"Walking outside?!", she replied to me, "I hate walking outside"

When I first met my wife, we used to walk the streets of Jerusalem together at night. I really like to walk at night, so I would happily accompany her at the end of each session to her place of residence. When we would arrive, we would turn on our heels and she would accompany me back to the yeshiva where I studied, and so on for goodness sake until it was dawn.

A few days after our wedding, I turned to my wife and said to her - "A beautiful and pleasant summer night outside, maybe we will go for a walk outside together?".

"Walking outside ?!", she replied to me, "I hate walking outside". "What do you mean," I asked her, "so why did you not tell me?", And she replies - "You did not ask ...".

But I was not the only one who was surprised.

The first Saturday after the wedding when we were both alone, we brought hymns and I started singing the Shabbat hymns - and my wife burst into heartbreaking cries. What happened? My wife is very musical, loves singing and knows how to spot any fake, even the smallest. And I, with my hoarse voice, was revealed to be very far from her marriage dream.

From "Tzur Lutzavam"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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