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Why did I feel like the 'walls of the house' were talking to me and inviting me inside?

I fell in part a great privilege - to build my family and motherhood under the guidance and influence of the late Rebbetzin Dina, and I see a great duty and great privilege to tell a little about that unique home, full of love and nobility, purity and holiness, depth of life and faith - The house of Rabbi Eli and Dina.

The strongest memory that comes back to me is the farthest memory, from the first encounter. Until then I did not know Rabbi Eli and Dina, I only heard stories, and I came to them to be hosted on Shabbat with my fiancée, Moshe Avraham, who was a student of Rabbi Eli, and a member of their household.

I knocked on the door and Dina opened it for me. Dina with the shy smile, with her eyes full of innocence, said, "Welcome, come in, sorry, I'm in the middle of washing the floor in honor of Shabbat, but you can come in." I went in.

I can not forget to this day what I aspired at that moment into myself, into my soul - the home, the warmth, the coziness and the love that the house was full of. It seemed like the walls of the house, the sofas, the flower pots, the mobiles, the dining table and the piano were really talking, and in one moment I felt - I can stay here forever, cozy here, good here, love here.

Why was this feeling so strong? Why did I feel like the 'walls of the house' were talking to me and inviting me inside? How is it possible that even today I can breathe into myself again the same breaths and feel the same deep feeling that filled me? All this because the same good, the same pleasantness and the same love that were in their home were so real, so deep, that it was possible to really feel and feel them in reality.

It was not just ideas and aspirations, it was a real being of life, that everything that was around them and everyone around them absorbed and absorbed into it in a very real and deep living way, whose record has not expired.

The woman is the housewife, the mainstay of the house, the queen of the house. This house 'spoke' so clearly, so warm and loving, because Dina's personality was so great and sublime. She had immense wisdom - intellect, wisdom of life, intellect, and at the same time abysmal, deep and pure innocence. She had uprightness and nobility, and at the same time unparalleled humility. She had openness and broad horizons, knowledge and understanding, and at the same time she embraced the Creator to be blessed as a baby who embraces his mother, naturally, freely, directly.

Dina had the ability to grow up with endless love for her family, her children, and at the same time to love and help anyone else who sought her closeness. It had a rare combination of wisdom, innocence, pleasantness, love, acceptance, humility and nobility - which all came together for a special greatness.

We loved Dina not only because she was a wonderful mother, a smart teacher, a loving friend. We loved Dina because her personality embodied a noble, inner and deep truth that embraced worlds, from which she could connect to each and every one, and in her great wisdom she knew how to give each one the strength and ability to understand, cope and grow.

It is impossible to describe in words the size of the space left in the world by Rabbi Eli and Dina the 14th in the heavenly storm, from the Sabbath night meal, in the Parshat Pekudi 5763. By them and were related to them.

Who will give us in return ?! In this book the quantity is small, quoted from the little that Dina has taught in her life, but there is in this little: great treasure, great depth and great faith, which give us much power in the struggles we go through throughout our lives. Through these articles we meet a little of Dina's personality, in the way she looks at reality and life - the belief in God and the good he influences, the belief that it is good and exists in us, the belief in our power as human beings, seeing reality with a good eye, and the ability to grow and grow from everything that happens in reality. .

Photographed by Rabbi Eli in Rosh Hanikra

Just as the rock on the beach remains strong and strong despite the strong waves that hit it, so we too will remain strong and steadfast, and we will continue to build our lives, and the lives of our families, in this special generation, a generation of redeemed, in the light of Rabbi Eli and Dina Zatzokl .

Ruthi Avraham

From "This Rock Species" | The late Rebbetzin Dina Horowitz.


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