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Who did Dina vote for in the election?

When we were children, Shulamit said that each of her parents chooses a different party. As a child, when things sometimes seem absolute, black and white, it would seem really strange and almost illogical ...

But in the fascinating discussions that the Horowitz family had, it was amazing to see how everyone could express their opinion, it really interested them to listen to each other and hear what each member of the family thinks and the guests, who also felt family members, were really interested and listened to each, what he thinks And feels.

Today I sometimes think that maybe it was even initiated, that Rabbi Eli and Dina chose other parties.

Know and pass on - there can always be disagreements. It's okay and it's the most natural and normal ..

With the Horowitz family, it was possible to learn how to handle disagreements and disagreements.

It really accompanies me ...



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