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What is the difference between the sin of the calf and a young man in Lesson A?

What is the sin of the calf? The sin of the calf is basically like a young man in class A in a yeshiva who conducts seminars all over the country. He came to the yeshiva from where he came from - from his home, from the street where he walked, from the high school yeshiva where he studied, from the branch - and suddenly he met at the yeshiva with wonderful Torah, with lofty and lofty ideals. He feels he has seen the light, discovered the truth, and for him it is already unbearable that there are still people walking in darkness and obscurity. He has only been in the yeshiva for a few months, and has already run to organize classes for the general public.

Where's his mistake? First of all, he does not understand the public, he does not understand the distance of the public from the Torah, but that is not the main point of his mistake. His main mistake - that he does not understand the truth. And why does he not understand the truth for real? Because he does not understand himself deeply. The same great truth he encountered in the yeshiva, met him in a certain and very partial layer of his personality. He must soak it deep deep into him;

If he absorbs things only in his outer layer, he will go out and speak in the name of the Torah, but in fact he will still have a lot of broken mental foundations, a lot of imaginative and rude and immature virtues that he has not yet labored to standardize and purify.

The same guy in Shiur A meets at a yeshiva with inner truths from the depths of Torah, and immediately returns to the branch out of a strong desire that everyone will know them. And since he can not speak there in the same inner, high and abstract language in which he received things, since no one will understand him - he moves to speak the language of the people.

The problem is that the guy himself is not there at all! He himself is not at all full at this height, at this size! In any case, when he goes down to speak in the language of the street, he also goes down to the spirit of the street, and inevitably puts into his Torah all kinds of impurities of terrible impurity and weakness. This is the matter of the sin of the calf.

From the "Birth Book"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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