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I suddenly heard terrible screams from my daughter's room, I had no doubt for a moment that a terror

When I moved with my family to live in Kiryat Arba, the security situation there was particularly tense, accompanied by a constant fear of terrorist attacks. One day, as I was standing in the kitchen of my house, I suddenly heard horrible screams from my daughter's room, I had no doubt for a moment that a terrorist had entered the apartment, I grabbed a large kitchen knife and ran straight to her room.

I went inside, and saw her standing in front of the mirror screaming hysterically, with all her hair ruffled with terror, I searched around again and again but found no trace of the terrorist,

"What's the problem?", I asked her, and she did not answer anything - just pointed at the mirror and screamed "Look, look there!". I watched once, twice and three times and did not understand what the panic was about. "I did not grow up"! She started crying, "I did not grow up, look! I keep staying at the same height!".

I took the knife, marked a groove in the door with it and said to her - "Do you see this stripe? It will be the sign you have grown. But do not come tomorrow, come in a year, in two years, then you will see that you have risen."

So it is in the world of education. Education cannot be measured on a site, it is not an experiment whose results can be seen immediately, you have to educate and build, and sometimes only after a generation can you examine the effects of your actions, and sometimes it will take generations until the full meaning of sowing and effect is realized.

Therefore, it is not enough to speak and learn things, you need extensive experience. Only a person with a broad and comprehensive view will be able to understand the centrality and depth of the impact of education.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

From the book "Tzur Hotzvatam"


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