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And from a distance the object grows stronger in me, especially to exhaust our calmness together

Dear you,

I wanted to write occasionally on guard, or just wanted to write, but the heat paralyzed the thought. The hand. You can barely hold the pen. There is such a kishon. Remember?

Seemingly I have a lot of time to study, but I am very little enough. It's hard to concentrate. And yet there is no sorrow from it, I sit a lot and look, and think, dream, meditate, miss, miss very much, you, the children, but not longings of melancholy, on the contrary, somewhat perfumed.

From a distance, it is easier to see the point. you are good. You are strong. The years that have passed over us together and those that with the help of the name we will continue to live and build together, all of us. And who knows, if God wills - all of us +. The solutions to Gd. Miraculously from you do not demand.

I read things I wrote in the past years. Mental accounts and the like, it's interesting in light of the "awareness," really instructive. And with all that, I'm careful. We must move forward with courage, without fear, on the one hand, but R. Zvi (Tao)'s comment on how much truth there is in it.

Some of the danger in one style, and what another style of sand. While it does have a benefit, if this method is perceived exclusively, it also has elements of destruction and opacity to other, deeper enlightenments.

I read what I wrote to myself in the reserve a year ago, to wait - in the empty sense - is a kind of death, such an inaction. Wait until the guard is over, until the reserve is over, until we finish the chapter, the school year - in fact, until life is over.

And even now I feel it very much, exhausting every moment, every meeting, every verse, every conversation.

And from a distance the object grows in me, especially to exhaust our calmness together, and certainly moments of difficulty also play a role, but how much one should feel the sweetness of togetherness, even when clarifying the issue of money and education, etc., etc.

To wait is an impurity. Watch - Holy of Holies.

Due to staff cuts here, the holiday arrangements have been disrupted, although in any case they are more numerous than most of the members in employment, but this creates difficulties in the distribution of the shrunken "cake". And it was an instructive lesson to see how everyone reacted, each in the style of his own little boy, so transparent.

Do not worry, my dear, I did not miss your loving husband either, but still, even if I failed according to my style, I was years old, that is, I was the little one who was sorry and stomped on his feet, and I was also the one standing aside and laughing forgivingly at the children who evoke such emotion Awake, and I went out to my favorite corner and looked out over the Jordan Valley, at the yellow, soft mountains, so so solid, so kind-hearted and calm.

And we, the drugged cockroaches, chatter if we go out for another day or less a day, and only that someone will be no more than anonymous, etc., scribbles.

And the mountains and the valleys in the scorching, scorching heat - for several thousand years, looking at us with their good-natured smile, caressing us with a gentle hand: This is, darling, do not cry, this is really not the end of the world. "

Not waiting, just existing, and perhaps waiting, perhaps expecting, at the feet of the herald, to return the boys, but not nervously, just not nervously, the resilience quiet, mature, exhausting every moment, every year, every thousand, to the end.

And for a brief moment, for a fraction of a being, I too was like them in something. As in Zrifin, then, a delightful charm. Not completely, but almost.

And from that also the expectation of seeing you. It is not a cessation of parting days, even if they last long, but a constant, quiet expectation, a growing silent murmur. Full of interest. And even when we meet, it will be a gaze meeting, saying slowly, slowly, without any need for a frightened haste, which distinguishes between sacred and profane, and with all that - everything is sacred. The one who distinguishes between the impure and the pure, and with all this - all are degrees of purity, except the pure from the impure, precious and devoured. May there be a constant desire, like a bride in her canopy.

I wanted to thank you for your comments regarding the conversation with Bear. You were very, very right. And I hope it is not twisted and will not be able to fix. In any case I will warn in the future. With God's help. God willing.

By the way, you can already call Rabbi Yossi Carmel. If it "goes" do the match between a bear and him.

Remind me to photograph the Kishon on contact lenses and send to Carmel. Same story by-exactly.

Actually, I just remembered that I have no way of forwarding the letter to you. seen.

Something for kids.

How are you cute kids? (Also the rest)

It's very very hot here. From the cold tap water comes boiling water and from the other tap - only steam. Even the ice here does not cool. Anyway, learn how delicious the water is. And how important is ice.

I do not have a hard job, just keep the facility, but this is an opportunity to meet other people. There is one from Tel Aviv with longer hair than Batsheva (in Koko) who speaks his own language (he claims it is Hebrew, and apparently that is how Tel Aviv is spoken). And there is one adult from Kfar Saba who arrived just two days ago and became the cook, he cooks meals like in a lavish wedding.

There are religious and secular, right and left, all kinds, and it is very very pleasant and nice to meet together, talk, argue, suffer from the terrible heat - together, feel that we are brothers, really, see the good heart of each and every one - even it is from Tel Aviv, even when talking Not the most beautiful words and the like, even if you want to listen to disgusting music (Adam and Eve, etc.).

Very very boring to the people here. Admittedly, there's the humiliation dew (TV) here, and while sitting in front of it for many hours, it's also boring (or maybe they do not like Sesame Street or something). One woke up today at 11:00 and was really angry that he could not sleep anymore to pass the time.

They usually eat or sleep, and if they have a lot of energy - they get confused. In short they are very very jealous of me because I constantly have something to do. To study Chumash, or to study Gemara, or to read about the history of Israel.

Not that I'm always successful, because it's really so hot, that I'm liquid and the books get wet and spoil as if they were in pouring rain, but still, my knowledge is not boring even for one moment. And I have to say I feel a little sorry for them, because counting the exclusions left until the end of the reserve is really not that pleasant.

I miss you very much and I'm sure you're helping mom and making her enjoy the days when she's the head of the house.

Kisses to everyone



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