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And she, too, my granddaughter, will be with the help of God, like her mother, her grandmother, and

29 Tishrei, the eve of Rosh Chodesh, Yom Kippur Katan

The birth of my granddaughter

Mazel Tov! Dad! you woold be so proud !!! Great grand child!

I sit and look at the houses of exhaustion - she has become a mother!

Breathing her regular and demanding breaths - rest rest - after the tremendous physical and mental exertion of nine months + birth!

Then yes today! I too 21 years ago looked at my daughter who made me a mother and was impressed by her regular breathing - soul! wonder! Even then after an effort, etc. of nine months + birth!

And she too my granddaughter will be with the help of God like her mother, grandmother, hers, and her great grandmother and so on!

What happiness!!!

And the impressions: The farewell from Batsheva on her way to surgery ... The tremendous moments of serenity of reciting Psalms, the sacrifice to Vardina (Sadan) ... Happiness, light !! ... Welcome wonderful girl!

Her gaze, her wandering eyes swallowing a world .. 5 minutes old !! Her skin is velvet for foil ... smell !!!

Renewal, new generation, future, continuity ...

Phones .. Running Running between seeing Batsheva (recovery), and seeing ____ (? What will she be called?), Are photographed.

A word about me: when they showed me the baby - I could not get close, I just filled the whole space, hugged everything, included everything inside me and did not wish to talk to get closer to respond - just try to peek and photograph a gift, size, God's grace because he is gracious !! I felt like blowing a shofar.

Grandpa and Grandma (Rabba) and drink to life ... A bag of sweet sweet daughter clothes! ... Ironing Judah's clothes for his brother Didi's wedding! ... back to the hospital ... from whom + the baby ... sitting with my aching dear daughter and nursing.

At 9:00 I brought my granddaughter to my daughter and she breastfed. I have no words to describe a sight, to explode a sweetener ___ looks at Batsheva and she's back, and they both fall asleep, and I watch. And in the middle Dad (Yehuda) calls ... and now 12:00 and Batsheva is asleep, tired. Transition is difficult and she ... Mom !!

It is not written in taste, I am also tired and once I will collect these impressions and I will write them beautifully ..

Mazel Tov! (Eli)

And what is Grandma? Looking from the side - seeing a complete picture and not the eye of the storm. From the outside to absorb and "keep the thing" absorb and know contentment.

1. Waiting moments. And everything is in God's hands because he is very kind!

2. Getting to know our granddaughter - she sees Dad !!

3. My daughter is breastfeeding her daughter !! Arrow from our mother to us and beyond.

Now I'll call Greandma


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