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The parent as the representative of the world, the mediator between the child and the world

The parent is the child's window to the world. Towards the child - the parent is the 'representative' of the world, he is the one who explains things, he is the one who gives the right proportions and the right perspective. He can say different things: "It does not matter," "It is more important," "It is important," "It is treated," "It is nonsense," or "It will be delayed," and so on.

Giving this proportions is very important for children when they are small and also when they are big, and there is no substitute for a parent in this matter.

I will give an example of myself. I am the youngest daughter in my family and have had no experience with babies. When I gave birth to my first daughter, I reached for a drop of milk and the nurse told me harsh things about the way I take care of her.

My mother told me "nonsense," and to this day I am grateful to her for that.

From what my mother understands and sees me, she could say to me, "Leave it at that," or "Take it more to heart." She just helped me interpret reality correctly, without a lot of words.

Dina Horowitz

From "From This Rock"


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