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Because you are all beautiful my wife and there is no deformity in you, because even the deformity i

Dear Dinella,

It's 2:40 at night and my thoughts are still occupied by the twilight fog between sleeping and waking up.

I now walked around the facility a bit. A full moon shines brightly until you hardly see any stars.

And God, while He had taken away the moon and commanded it to diminish itself, also took pity on her and many of her soldiers.

And it turns out that sometimes, when Sihara is intact, and sucked from its self-source, so strong and invasive, then its light shines seven times and all aid from the distant distant luminaries, but unnecessary. And in the people and in man. Exile and redemption. Inhibition of absorption capacity - creation is minimal and dependence on the outside. In Tul, there is complete wonder - a completely independent independent work.

And more. The heat shines during the day, during the hours of visible and clear and prosaic grace. A kind of king whose India is spread over a world in its entirety, but he does not give up the other world, the mysterious, the poetic, the world of silent mysteries, but he is not allowed to space the secret spaces. All his walks are accompanied by the sound of trumpets, fireworks, bright and dazzling light. Will not destroy the gentle sanctity of the night. There is immodesty in it. Desecration.

But, he will send the queen, lying on his lap, absorbing his light. And she, soaked in the light, will penetrate, without saying, into the thickets of darkness, into the secret of hearts, not in a controlled detail, but the exposure of the soft delicate lines.

And the king stands and marvels. In training. In admiration. Grateful.

And although bleaching is not stable, not solid, it will shine. Sometimes she was bright and sometimes damaged, but "Hama never saw her son's defect." She always sees the bright side of her, because you are all beautiful, my wife, and there is no deformity in you, because even the deformed is part of the beauty.

And who would dare to imprison the desires and again of the heart-sickness that hears from the sodomy bed of criticism. And who would suffocate the singer of the excess intelligence in the brace of reason. And who did not know that precisely in the cover, that nothing is seen and the wheel is not heard, there is the foundation of everything. And the king brought his rooms. Love in pleasures. Devouring yak, purity from impurity, birth from desolation.

So far a kind of apology for longing.

It's already 4:30. In half an hour I will wake up the next one after guarding. And first, I'll write something for the kids.

Good morning children. How are you?

I sit very close to Sartba, a high and quiet mountain. Very quiet.

A few days ago, at 6:00 a.m., a Nature Conservancy jeep arrived at the gate of the facility where I was, a girl came out and asked for some fuel. When I asked why she needed it, she explained that it has a special color for marking trails and needs to be mixed with fuel.

"And which path are you going to mark now?" I asked.

She pointed to the Saratba - "making a new, more comfortable path, to the top of the mountain."

She thanked me for the fuel I had brought her and left.

And I was left thinking and pondering and remembering the days when all the people of Israel sat in Zion and we would sanctify the month according to the sight of witnesses. I remembered Zebulun, I think, and his father who came from Hebron, on Saturday night, to testify before three judges in Jerusalem. And how the next day, on Saturday, they received their testimony and the court said "sacred" and the whole public answered "sacred."

And at night they burned a cedar tree with a few other plants, and certainly, here, at the top of the Saratba, the inhabitants of the area waited, waited and watched until they saw the light emanating from Jerusalem, then they also lit the trees they had prepared in advance and moved them right, left, up, down until they saw That they lit on another mountain far away, and until all the people of Israel knew that the month was renewed.

Today, the mountain is used to see, but not Jerusalem, but rather Jordan, and not to look for lights, but to follow Jordan's military movements and identify terrorists and the like.

But there will be better days for us to subdue all our enemies and rule our entire country. Also the property of Reuven and Gad that can be seen so beautifully through the huge binoculars that are here.

I barely had time to talk to you when I was home, everyone was busy with their occupations. And I probably won't get to next Saturday.

I wanted to talk to you about the great freedom. Too big. Freedom is very important, a change in day-to-day activities, but does not mean freedom - freedom of order and normal life. It is certainly not the intention to sleep every day until 9:00 and fidget all day, although it is certainly possible to get up a little later and fidget part of the day.

In any case, for freedom you also have to make a plan and order, of prayers, of help at home, freedom booklets with a lot of fun programs - summer camps, trips and the like. Each one individually and all of us together.

But in the meantime I will only wish you a pleasant and good freedom from a father who misses and is tired.

with love



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