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Check the bold words ... it's you!

What is the thing that has become the routine connection between an educator and a student - a special and wonderful connection? Not just me. Neither is your immense love of life or your delicate sensitivity. This is the moment of the encounter of all of you with all of me.

Noa, I have chosen for you this image that reminds me of you: from the flight of birds that strive for freedom, freedom, spirit, eternity, to conquer earthliness, to connect heaven and earth and to pulsate in a vibrant and creative life. Open a neck like the flamingo, feel everything, feel every breeze, every drop of sea foam, absorb every murmur of oneself, of one's friend, of the universe.

All this, against the backdrop of the solid mountains of Eilat - which are well connected with reality, transcendent and uplifting, but the foot of the mountain is "dipped" in the softness of the flowing and renewed sea.

Check the bold words ... it's you!

I bless you, Noa, that you will always be the real one and you will always have the privilege of connecting all the ends of your soul that seek freedom and justice and freedom, but it is also solid, sucked from roots and reality, and at the same time, flows gently and always renews.

May you bring only blessing and peace of mind to you, your mother, your family and your people.


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