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Dad and Mom who were proud of us for how we are! Who believed in the psychic powers within us -truly

Our dear and beloved father and mother

Father and mother who are we / we are. They are our personality.

Without them what do we have here ???

Dad and Mom who loved so much, supported everything, were by our side at every hour, in every trouble and distress, in every deliberation, rejoiced with us in every joy, were at least as excited as we were from any experience, guided and navigated well without us feeling.

Dad and Mom who were proud of us for how we are! Who believed in the psychic powers inherent in us - really, ap that we did not always go in the groove.

Dad and Mom who appreciated us for all the tiny progress and always knew how to say a word of encouragement, appreciation and support - a good word! That warms the heart. Dad and especially Mom who listened and listened and always listened, at all times, even if it was not comfortable for them according to their plans.

Dad and Mom who were full of joy of life, full of satisfaction, full of work and doing, always full of male and female students who came to study, consult and share.

A father and mother who are filled with immense love for each other, a love that has been built over years of hard work and constant work. Full of humility towards each other, with appreciation and admiration that they too have worked tirelessly for years. Full of knowledge and knowledge of their various forces and full of wisdom in knowing how to build a mighty building combining the various forces and different abilities as each one gives and contributes his own.

A father and mother who are full of anguish, disappointments and unbearably difficult times, abortions and births that ended in nothing. Even from them, Dad and Mom managed to grow and rise and not sink into sadness and loss.

Someone who had an abortion and my mother supported her told me "Your mother knew how to turn any abortion into a birthday without ignoring the immense pain!"

And every time one of them would fall the other would be supportive, and when the other collapsed - the first would cheer, recover and stand up to support the second.

Dad and Mom that until they reached the beginning of the common path they went through so much, fell so much, did not understand, were embarrassed, got entangled, despaired !!! And scratched from the depths of their souls full of complexity and entanglements, forces to continue a little longer. And so on, every time they sucked, sucked, squeezed, some more mental strength.

Dad and Mom lead us in one direction - up and want us to continue them in what they planted in us - to be us

Nechma Horovitz Tauo


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