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Debbie Wolf's (18) reflections on nine coming

I have a lot I want to think about Tisha B'Av. It's serious, but I'm not sure I believe it, why sad on Tisha B'Av? Destruction of our temple. The destruction of our Jerusalem. The beginning of exile, a day of many disasters for the Jewish people and for the world now, as Milton said, the unfounded reasons - our sins. Our failures, mine! Free hatred, selfishness, contempt, cursing, arrogance, arrogance, suspicion, without holiness - without holiness, everything is cheap and small, without sensitivity, everything is taken for granted, stingy and stingy, and of course between man and God.

It's time to dump her and move on. It's easy to say, but I, an 18 and a half year old girl, is just beginning to understand it, if I have the audacity to even say that maybe I understand it a little. If I change maybe, EH, this situation will change. Not original, but it has to be said.

The terrible thing is that it seems to me that I have done a dichotomy in my mind, between what the two can absorb intellectually and emotionally, and what I really feel. I must say with sorrow that I do not really feel the mourning of the day and all its meaning, even though I understand it in my mind.

Another thing I think is that if I want to improve myself at all, I will have to go one step further and say that even if I understand only one aspect of mourning, or rather, just because I understand only this one aspect, I must force myself to act as if really I felt it, and then one day I will feel it.

Today I only feel the things that affect and touch me personally, and that's a very selfish way - diminishing what I think is for my benefit, so now why are we fasting? Again tangent to Milton's question. First, I do not think it's just fasting - it's the whole atmosphere of the day that is both inherent and that we create. We are not slaves to food, I wish, and we also look at ourselves, we are not anointed to add to general discomfort and to contribute to the real, tangible way of "closeness" to the day. The same with washing and wearing leather these are means to show ourselves what is inaccessible to the application and the meaning that always exists for each of us every year.

Okay. These are all the things we must avoid, but what, as Judy says, are the positive things? Like why is it not a mitzvah to give half of your food to charity, or something? Well, I'm not at all sure of the answer, but maybe part of it is that it's so obvious that a person should evaluate himself and try to correct his actions in a positive way - it's an idea - such a direct line of house crap because of free hatred, that it does not have to legislate, of course to That a person will think in that direction and do everything he can in his personal way (as if he can not contribute half of his food, he will do something, even though in the meantime it should be pretty clear.

Why not every day? (1) We are not capable of being so mean to something so difficult every day. I mean, I can speak for myself. Exactly, a few days ago, I thought so many things had happened to us that we could learn from, and yet we just do not learn (25 years ago there was the Holocaust ???). Why do we not study ?? Are we so completely dumb? Things are just too obvious to ignore. So what does this mean?

Does God intentionally cover our eyes? Like and will respect you? Or what? Is this a punishment in itself? Maybe we should not learn from this? Oh, oh, I no longer know what I'm talking about, so let's move on.

The reason (2) for "Why will you bear the Father?" - could be because there is such a clear connection between what happened on Tisha B'Av and what is happening to us. It's like what Milton said. If we look at the underlying causes, it seems to be our fault Anvo that happened badly. They caused it in their actions.

To make it clear or to bring about good, we must change our actions for the better. I've said it only about 17,000,000 times, and yet I might just have to believe it. Too many words!?! What will a living man, a man, complain about his sins. We will search our way and interrogate and return to God, but we really need God to be ready for it to be. Everything is in the hands of heaven except reverence. So as a prayer it is better - comes from both: God has returned to you and we will return a new day as before. Okay, so now I have to keep my word, even if I do not put all the movables, I have to make an effort and try.



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