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Eli Horowitz in an appeal to Rabbi Zvi Yehuda that they will accept for the yeshiva "that I can grow

in her

13 Sivan 5768

In honor of the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Shlita,

I recently wrote to the rabbi in private about the affairs of the last few years, and here I will mention only briefly:

I studied in a yeshiva before I got married and after the wedding I stayed in the yeshiva. After a while, Rabbi Zvi Tao sent me to study at Mevaseret Zion (including Meretz) so that I could return to study at a yeshiva at the end of my stay there, with more success and clarification.

Now I, B.H., am ready to return to studying the Torah instead of the central enlightenment, in the yeshiva, to toil in the coming years, to encompass and deepen it as much as possible in halakhah and aggadah.

Already today I am studying Seder Boker with R. Chaim Katz the Tractate taught in the yeshiva, and the study of faith I do with R. Oded Wolenski mainly.

I wish to study a lot of Torah, to study women's tracts and torts, clearly the first method and the main issues until the commentary of the Gra.

I also strive to study the religious side of the Torah, to build and refine my moral stature to the point of a real and deep understanding and recognition of the terrible issues of faith in the writings of the late Rabbi, which are expanding and becoming clear in Netivot Yisrael and the lessons here.

Without neglecting, of course, the scope of all reference books for their styles, the Maharal and the books of the Rishonim, the various books of morality, etc., and hence, a renewed, straightforward enlightenment on halakhic issues, and especially the public halakhahs renewed in these generations from our ancient public renewal.

All this requires a concentration of effort and will come in a few years. I think I'm mentally ready for it. Full of anticipation and joy for this tremendous destination.

But, in addition, I was privileged to give birth to two children, whom I nurture and support and educate and provide for them. While I was studying in Mevaseret, the kollel there took care of these things, now that I am returning to the yeshiva, I need the help and support that the yeshiva extends to its students as I enjoyed it after the wedding, before I went to Mevaseret.

If I do not receive this help, at least half a day, I will have to bother with alimony, and I doubt if I will have the mental strength left in the second half of the day to study productive and creative learning.

Therefore, I appeal to the rabbi, please accept me to the yeshiva framework, as I was before I left, and enjoy as the other yeshiva students the support that the yeshiva offers, and this so that I can grow in Torah, Central Israel, integrity and perfection my talents allow and thereby bring blessing to all our people. My hands reach.

Eli Horowitz


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