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Eli, Tovy very much encouraged me at all, and I have so much to tell you, but as you can see, I am

State letter in her year of study in Israel in the program for foreign girls at Beit Vagan College. The letter was written to Eli when they were engaged and Eli was ill.


Hello Eli,

Appetite - here's the first dish, you need to tell me if you do not like it and what can be done to make it tastier. Esther (Lebanon) is an excellent teacher - so much patience - a real miracle, but in the end, with her help I managed, after a few hours, to train and roast the liver (actually she did most of the work this time, and I watched and recorded, and we learned the law together). And you know what? Not at all

It was hard.

Judith (Kleinpiz) is now telling me to tell you to put her in the fridge right away. You have where to put, right ?, because if not, then a spoiled liver can harm even more than vegans. Sorry about the plastic bag, from now on I will buy you plastic utensils and with that we will lead the dishes.

We did not make the fish, because they did not have it in the store until tomorrow, and Esther asks if you care so much if we buy elephant and cod (?) Instead of carp or tilapia, because they make it the same way, but it's much less a baker. Tell me, okay? In the meantime, tomorrow the fish you requested will be made, and if there is anything else you want, tell me and I will do everything to fulfill your request.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to the Superintendent about work next year. Toby (Eli's sister) was very encouraging to me at all, and I have so much to tell you, but as you can see, I am very fast.

When will you tell your parents? Please call me this week, and also, especially regarding Purim - not nice that I do not answer to Judith.

Be healthy


Your bride


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