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I divide piano lessons into theory, technique, expression and repertoire

Hello parents,

This letter is finally coming to you - even though your child has been learning for a long time.

The year started well and in a pleasant atmosphere after the big holiday and the holiday season.

As usual and as expected there is a "fall of what" after a long period without playing (and few children as well as adults are able to continue the same routine of training even without lessons), but it seems to me that the pay is much for the loss and approach the piano with more enthusiasm and desire and curiosity.

As I have stated several times in previous letters, the purpose of the lesson for a piano student, I divide into four:

1. Theory and knowledge of the tool

2. Technique and Exercise 'Fingers and strengthening the structure of the hands and joints

3. Self-expression and improvisation, and emphasis on the experiential and expressive side of the music

4. Repertoire of diverse works, reviews from all periods - Brock, classical, romantic, modern, folk songs, and from our own being - songs of the Land of Israel

In order not to "dry up", I myself continue to pay. About two years ago, I studied a busy and instructive program that included an in-depth study of the classical Western composers, as well as an in-depth study of contemporary writing and the connection between word and sound in the songs of the Land of Israel.

In addition to that I participated in a bunch of courses on pedagogical and didactic topics in music teaching. In the summer I participated in the Ministry of Education's training for music teachers in which I focused on teaching the keyboard as well as teaching theory and hearing development.

This year I chose to study in a less conventional way the issues of the child's self-expression, the freedom of playing and improvisation on the piano, the development of the affair between the child and the instrument, beyond the formal hour of playing. As well as a course at the Robin Academy on piano enrichment topics. Also this summer I bought a lot of new study material and enriched the literature being studied.

Payment arrangements will continue to be the same as in recent years ...

A student who is absent from class due to illness or any other justifiable reason with two days' notice, I will refund the class to her or refund money according to the real price of class. A justifiable reason is not a babysitter, a fundraiser, a friend's birthday party, a movie on TV, etc, etc ....

Of course in case of cancellation on my part the lesson will also be refunded. A daughter who does not show up for class or a party of illness and without notice - I will not return the class.

I would like to make sure that the student arrives with the booklets and notebook and on time. I will usually deliver the booklets and a daughter who wants to purchase a booklet can do so through me at a discount.

Please keep the booklets

My phone is open for all questions, clarifications, calls, etc. I would love to maintain a fruitful relationship for the benefit of the girls and in general!

Thank you

Dina Horowitz

Preparing for a year-end concert - a partial list of the songs that will be played at the concert

The year has brought a lot of upheavals and sometimes things seem so simple and obvious, suddenly distant and incomprehensible. How frustrating.

Here is a string of songs to strengthen our faith:

The basis - the Ladder of Jacob - the eternal connection of the people and the land. Despite all the fog, so-called melancholy and retreat, we will know and remember that we strive for true good and peace that is truly value and not just flowers in the barrel.

We will know to see the wonders of Gd in His guidance over us even in the visible miracles that arouse admiration and longing in our narrow street. And we will also know to see the wonders of God in the return of Zion and the longings and return to the Land of Israel the city in gray (although Paris, but ...), and we will not forget our own part, the women, as written in Sages - thanks to righteous women redeemed from Egypt and thanks to righteous women .

Although we will see a lot of shadow, we will remember and learn to see both the light and the shadow, both the honey and the sting - for all these.

We will continue with a constructive, productive daily life and be strengthened from within and return to the routine of our lives, even in piano lessons, and there is no end in sight. Twelve moons



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