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I find myself sitting and talking to her for a whole hour just about the Beatles

When I was invited to work with the women's orchestra in Kiryat Arba, I did not know anyone in the orchestra and when I arrived I saw a group of women, everyone with a head covering and half of the group were rabbis. I did not understand what I was doing there, now I can find that the first meetings were very difficult for me mentally.

Dina helped me get through this crisis with the group of women and these meetings became much more than just helping the orchestra, we had discussions about education and faith there that lasted more than an hour after graduation time.

Sometimes I was mad at Dina, not only did she arrive late I would not say how much, she also did not do homework, sometimes she felt like a student.

Just at that time we decided in the studio to open a music trend and the matter rolled into the one I talked to Dina that she would take part in the trend. We were sitting together building the unique music program in the studio and suddenly I find myself sitting and talking to her for a whole hour just about the Beatles, just about the Beatles and we find holiness in the sand.

Dina not only loved the Beatles, she also knew it, sound sound, word for word. When the Beatles sang, it was fashionable to sing it in Hebrew as well, but Dina was not willing to hear it in Hebrew, it had to be in English.

We had long conversations about music education and also about how to relate to music. I saw in the way Dina educated the girls, in the way she taught she was creative in everything she did.

Last summer she came to our studio to offer to teach twelfth-grade girls in music to learn something more undefined. Dina told us "you probably will not understand me but I will try to explain anyway" she tried to explain to us and really did not understand so much, but we felt it was so in her mind and it is very important to develop creativity in the girls, we said "yes Dina will teach them another hour, another So, during the year we got what she meant, Dina wanted to teach wife and family through music.

Arya Sood


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